Sunday, February 26, 2012

All caught up...

Well, I have had a very productive few days in my little "sewing cave". 

I had promised my husband a cover for his guitar and the fabric has just been sitting there! Saturday I got up and decided the time had come to get the guitar cover off my plate. is done, he is thrilled and I have it behind me!

A few posts ago I mentioned  I was behind in a monthly class I was taking.  Very sad because I was behind for the first class.  Not a good way to start something new. On Thursday I went to class for the second month in the project!  I forgot to bring my "unfinished"  blocks from month one, I left most of what was needed at home and to top it off I didn't have a needle and thread...For those that know me, this was not good.  Friends helped me out with the items I needed but I left wondering about myself.  So...on Friday I did what all smart people do and got it together...
Today I am happy to say I am all caught up with month one and two... a feel good day for sure!

Procrastination - not a good thing but something we can readily correct. I truly believe the stress of procrastination is worse than the chore or task we procrastinate about :)  Lesson learned - :)

So let me share the finished project (no, not the guitar cover) my little Cooper likes to say ta da....

Love these blocks and so far love the colors.  I will share every once in a while my progress (remember, its a year long class).  Look for a splash of "bright" as I go along!
Have a great week and do your best to not procrastinate - it just is no fun!

Remember - SMILE always,

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  1. Wow woman! What a couple day's difference makes ... or rather, a little change in attitude! Great work ... go put your feet up and enjoy a glass of wine ... loved your ideas about procrastination! Right on the money.