Monday, February 6, 2012

Geting started...

Our home sits high on a hill in San Diego. I love it up here because the mornings and afternoons can bring such different views. I would truly love a little more land to have a small vegetable garden and plant by own herbs....but I don't :) so life goes on. So let me share a few views I experience...a good reason to always counts our blessings!
This is a  morning shot and it's just beautiful when the fog rolls in.

This is the same view but at sundown.
My goal with this blog is to share many things that bring me joy.  I will share different blogs that I find incredible inspiring and some great quilt shops that are very special, but for today my views from home are my "joy".

Remember - SMILE always...

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  1. Love the pictures ... yay!!! I'm you're first follower ... good work, friend!