Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hand quilting on Valentines day...

Valentines day is always a happy day but it is a bit cool here in San Diego today. I have so many things I could do but I think I will just cook a nice dinner for my husband and do some hand quilting.

During a class a few weeks ago we were asked if we were "quilters".  The entire class had a puzzled look but responded "yes".   We then were told that a "quilter is someone that does hand quilting" ....those that machine quilt are "piecers".  It did create a little discussion but it is true - not many "piecers" today do any hand quilting! I feel it is a lost craft and it would be a shame to see it become a thing of the past.  We do everything so quickly today that the thought of taking the time to hand quilt is overwhelming.
A long time ago I taught a class on "hand piecing and hand quilting".  It was long before we had rotary cutters and all the short cuts we have today.  I'm glad I did that method but I am also thrilled with all the tools and short cuts we have today.  It is all about balance and I like that!

This is the quilt I did all by hand.  Take a look at the quilting.  I doubt I would ever quilt an entire queens size quilt again but it is one I cherish.

This is a small piece I am currently hand quilting. I like to have something to hand quilt at all times.  On a cool day it feels so cozy when you are working on it.

This is a small piece I am doing - I hope it will entice some of my other quilter friends to join me!   

I love keeping things from the past alive.  So much  in our culture goes away - but comes back again.  Hope this art does.

Happy Valentines day to everyone....

Remember - SMILE Always,

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  1. I agree hand quilting is a lost art ... I love the look of it but when I have an expensive longarm machine ... I have to put it to use! I do love hand sewing!!!