Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Reason to smile...

Today is a rather cloudy gloomy day here in San Diego.  Most San Diegans love it - I do not!  I am a sunshine gal. The warm days and abundance of sunshine is what I am all about!
I started the day visiting a few blogs I love.  Low and behold... I found something to really smile about.  I little bit of Valentine fun.
There are two authors (Barb Adams & Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs), that write wonderful books that include great projects using many different techniques such as quilting, applique, cross stitch and many more. They also celebrate home, holidays and all things that bring  joy.  I love reading their books with a cup of coffee or afternoon tea. Take a look at what I found this morning...

This is a fun recipe but I really love what they did with the scraps.  I have a little munchkin in Seattle (Cooper) that would love some "cookie fries". I plan to make these soon and "IF" they look anything like these I will post a picture. So...a bit of fun on a cloudy day!

Remember - SMILE always!

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  1. I love the way these look! Just popped over to their blog and how clever ... bend the cookie cutters! Why did I never think of making a template for the cookies and sprinkling them ... that is why I just love reading blogs! So much great information ... when you make these cookies, please remember your friends! ::hint, hint::