Saturday, February 11, 2012

So much fun!

A few days ago I posted Valentine cookies that were featured on "Blackbird Designs" blog.  Not only were they adorable, I found they are really fun to make. I took the plunge this morning to make a batch.  Originally, after reading the recipe, I decided to cut a few corners...not my usual style but after all - they were just cookies :) right?  Well, I caved and told myself  that doing it completely as directed would be much more satisfying! I was right!  take a look....

This was a shortcut I was going to take - the recipe said to re cut them once out of the over. What an unnecessary step! Wrong - look at the difference in the shape! May have to remember this when making sugar cookies again!

The recipe called these "cookie fries" Well, whatever you call them they were yummy!  These are the edges from the cookie when re-cut! My hubby loved them :) so did Palmer our rescue Bichon!

Next step - frost with a glaze.  This was also fun because as the recipe stated, I used a paint brush!  Also used cookie glitter - fun to use! I like using a glaze like this for decorated cookies.

All frosted, glazed dried and ready to package.  These were give to a few very special friends today.

This was a fun project.  I learned that it "feels good" to go the extra mile and not cut corners....I would love to have my little Cooper here to eat the "cookie fries" but not to be so... I will certainly make some for him on his next visit!

Have a happy Valentines day and make these if you can...worth the effort!   Hum, these would be cute shamrocks for St. Patty's Day!

Remember - SMILE always!


  1. Yum, and what a beautiful presentation! Love the pink fabric and pink ribbons!!!!!

  2. The cookies look great. See you soon. Kim from the loft.
    My blog is quiltdolls

  3. Your Seattle friend wants some "fries". :)