Friday, February 24, 2012

Springtime in San Diego...

Living in New England for so many years, you changed from winter to spring in a dramatic popped up through the snow, the trees lost the gray dull look of winter, the roads started to look like roads again... minus all the dirty salt and sand used to clear them and the sun got brighter and warmer. In many ways you never really took a deep breath to enjoy  because you feared that one last blast of winter, in whatever form, would arrive. Then one sunny day you saw the daffodils and sighed and enjoyed the arrival of spring.

In sunny Southern California springs arrives in a much different way.  The sun just shines brighter, the warmth of the day feels so good on your back and the greens are greener and the flowers just make you smile.  I love this time of year.  It brings thoughts of longer days and  thoughts of so many great things to do.  Today I took a little walk and thought of all the fun things ahead :), I also enjoyed what spring in in my neighborhood...let me share.

This is a tree (I know not the name) but it blooms in February every year. The flowers do not last long but I do enjoy watching it go through it's journey. Once the flowers have bloomed it turns green and just waits to bloom again next spring. I love it! 

The flowers are beautiful and the color is just so bright and strong.

Our neighborhood backs up to Mt Miguel.  It is always so green in the springtime but turns that dry brown as the days get warmer.
There are many paths to walk.  It is great exercise but trust me, it takes everything out of you.  No matter where you walk you know a hill is the only way home.

We have a very small  "postage stamp yard" but if you look out, there is much to see and enjoy. I am a sun person so this is a great time of year for me...warmer days will be here soon! I even like hot!!!

Hope you take a walk and enjoy springtime in your neighborhood :)

Remember - SMILE always,

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  1. The flowers are very beautiful You take great pictures. Kim