Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Way behind...

Way behind with all projects.  Not sure what my issue is but I am ok with me!

I am taking a great class that will continue the entire year with a new block each month.  The quilt is beautiful and uses all quilting techniques.  I have done them all over the years but it will be fun to get a refresher.  I will post the quilt soon so you can see what I am striving for. but for now....I am struggling with block #1.  It is not the difficulty of the block but for some reason I can't find the patience to complete it.

Take a look....
The first months block is Grandmothers Flower Garden using English Paper Piecing.  It's not difficult to do but time consuming.  I only have two more to add and I will be finished!!!

But....I have to make two blocks!!!!  I have forgiven myself for not finishing them by Thursday for class.  I've had a month but I will get them completed...   The good news, I have completed a top for a very simple quilt using up scraps, so my time has been productive.

Scraps - I have found when using scraps that they multiply.  I used so many with the project  I just did but when it came time to clean up the fabrics.... I feel as if I have more now than before.  I do believe they multiply.  The interesting thing is... I continue to buy more and have the feeling I never have enough.  Sound like you?

Have a great day today and....
Remember - to SMILE always,


  1. Jayne,

    Your english paper piecing looks great. See you Thursday.


  2. Jayne -- They are beautiful and since you always finish, these will get finished too! I'm sure you will be inspired today at class! Hugs!!!!!!

  3. Jayne, I am so excited to be able to read your blog. I don't know why, but when I think of you, I just want to smile. Thanks for taking my class. And I love your fabrics! Go girl!!