Monday, March 26, 2012

They really are puzzled!

Well, you have met Palmer (yes, he is the one with the bone in his mouth) and his buddy is Elwood.

Our little four legged friends certainly do have routines!  On the week-ends when my husband and I are about to leave the  house together...these little ones sit at the top of the landing just watching the action.  Once we shut the door they make a beeline to the living room and watch us leave the driveway.  It is just like clockwork.  Once the trauma of us leaving is over they immediately go find a place to take a nap!!

This is not the "norm" only when we really want a special bed will we try and push the other one out!!!!  The culprit - ELWOOD!!!!

I do hope everyone has a great week - I plan on it!!!

Remember - SMILE always,

Friday, March 23, 2012

This is so much fun.......

A few days ago I told you about the year long sampler class I was taking. I had a class this week and now I can say out loud I wasn't looking forward to it!  The class was applique and it has been the big green monster in my current quilting life! I see it, I love it, I want to do it but I just turned my back and did the same thing many of us do...I said to myself - "self do something else because you will just get frustrated"
A long time ago I did needle turn and if my memory serves me well I didn't enjoy that either..

So.... life teaches me again! I went to class, I listened, I laughed and I found I was not alone with the challenges of applique.  However, I did it and found it was very enjoyable and certainly not as difficult as I thought!!! I  Let me show you my progress....

This method is with freezer paper and the tools make it so easy to have nice sharp edges and good points - well getting better :)

 Here are two that are ready to stitch down and I love them.  The stitching part is my "good thing" in this process..
We need to complete four blocks for this month.  I had visions of a struggle just before next months class but not to be...I will try to get these close to completion this week-end!

I also want to share a web site that I really love. 
It isn't quilting but another art that I think is fun and whimsical.  I have a friend in MO. and her son and daughter in law started doing these. They are doing very well and have been quite successful. Jeff makes the birdhouses and Becca does the plants...Rebecca's Bird Gardens.
Look under "photos and whats new" the ones with door knobs are really fun!

Well guys, I have been playing all day so I better get busy doing a few things that need attending to.  Have a great week-end and find something "fun" to do.  It's a great thing!!

Remember - SMILE Always,

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day of spring!

I just love the first day of spring....and the second and the third..

There are so many ways to celebrate the first day of spring!  For me I did it with a few friends, a little quilting, a little lunch  and lots of laughter.  Not much better than that :)  We even celebrated with a few bunches of daffodils...Two of the gals forgot to take theirs home so I just had to find a great place to show them off. Want to see?

Aren't they just the best little flower?

This little bunch sits in my bathroom window along with my sunflower.  The sunflower came from the Country Loft.  They have such great little things to celebrate each season! Fun, fun, fun...

Not much quilting done today but I am ready for a class I have this week.  Way back I told you about a Sampler class that will last the entire year.  I also posted the blocks to share that I was all caught up!  As of Thursday I will be behind again but I am committed to staying on track.

So...I had a great first day of spring and I hope you did as well.  Remember to enjoy all the flowers, the trees that are blooming and the love of all the great people in your lives....I am doing just that!!!

Remember - SMlLE always,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

 Pinned Image

Happy St Patrick's Day to all my Irish friends!  and everyone else I love.....

Have a fun day :-)

Friday, March 16, 2012

A feel good!!

Another project I pulled out the the box and decided to finish. My husband went to his "movie night" this week and I went to my sewing room and looked for something small to complete. It now just needs a back (which I have) and will be hand quilted this week-end while it rains!  YIPPIE :-) to finish this not the rain.....  :-( I konw... true Californians LOVE the rain!!!! I love the sunshine!

This was a mystery quilt started in December by   Temecula Quilt Co.  You may have seen this already, but each day they posted a new block.  This was done for 12 days...thus the name "The 12 Days of Christmas" Take a look and each day the blocks added an additional piece.  I had never done one of these because I am not that disciplined to finish them.  I did finish this one though and added larger borders so I could use it on a table.  The size was a doll quilt size but I wanted it larger.I really feel good...done!!!!!!
When I take the time to finish something it gives me the energy to complete something else.  What's a strange phenomenon  huh!!!!

Just curious - have you ventured to Pinterest yet?  Lots of fun and some really great things to make, see and just enjoy!  Try it!

Have a good week-end and enjoy!

Remember - SMILE always,

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What if.....

(this was on Facebook and I had to borrow it from a friend)
Wouldn't it be just a great day?  I saw this today and just smiled and thought of how much time we  waste complaining and being today I will do just the opposite.
I have so many projects to finish and bindings to get put on quilts but... I always have so many other things to do they never seem to get done. Today I have decided to do a few "must" chores this morning and spend the afternoon quilting!  It is my favorite thing and it's the last thing I put on my "to do" list each day! Do you ever do the same thing?

I also want to share with you my little buddy! 

Meet Palmer (he came with that name) - he is a little Bichon that we got from the Bichon rescue...our guess is he is about 5.  This little guy is such a joy and he is my shadow all day!  He hates when you leave the house and goes crazy when you come back.  He certainly demonstrates the definition of separation anxiety.... but he is a cutie.  As you can see....he always has a rope in his mouth much like a security blanket  :) heaven forbid if he can't find it when you come home or someone comes to visit!

So today I will be "grateful for Palmer even when he is front of me going downstairs, or under foot when in the kitchen and most of all when I am sewing and he wants to sit in my lap!

Oh by the way....Palmer has a brother Elwood (another strange name I know) that I will introduce you to soon....

Have a great day all...and think of all you have to be grateful for :)  For sure...I am grateful for all my friends that love to quilt!!!!

Remember - SMILE always...

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Early morning...

It is almost daylight savings favorite months of the year! I do love the extra daylight at the end of the day but I also love early morning.  I am a very, very early riser and most days I just get up, drink coffee and work out paying no attention to outside. This week I did take a look outside... and this is what I saw....a nice way to start the day!

What a beautiful sight to see...

The sky changes so rapidly.  The picture changes too but I know a new day beginning!! How fun :)

On days like this one, I get a real boost to be creative and get moving.  I have started a new project and I do believe I like the way it is shaping up.  I will keep you posted but it's all about baskets :)

I love starting a project with no destination in mind just let it grow and enjoy the process!

Today includes more work on the baskets and a few more ideas that are mulling about in my head.  It must be the warm days are almost here...I LOVE THEM :)
Have a great day and find something to feel good about or smile  makes you feel good...

Remember - SMILE always,

Friday, March 2, 2012

Such fun....

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Such fun to browse and see what great ideas are out there.  I have been spending a small about of time with my morning coffee searching Pinterest....take a peek at what I have "pinned" and see if you can just walk away....just click on the Pinterest button on my home page.

Truly some great gift ideas and so many great quilts to peek at. Fun!!!!

Have a wonderful week-end and enjoy the warm spring days that are in store for us...

Remember - SMILE always....

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things that make me smile...

This morning I was looking through a basket that has several "unfinished" quilts in it.  Some need binding, a few need to be be quilted, a couple that need to be finished and then.... I came upon a gem in the bottom of the basket!!!!
A few years ago when my life allowed me the time to get back into quilting I decided I wanted to make a small table topper for my kitchen table. I had this vision that I would fill my house with quilts and just enjoy looking at them. I would have them on all the beds, small ones on chairs and maybe even one on a wall!  Now I see, it was like the old expression, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach".  Most everything I have is in the basket :) unfinished! ...but...I did find the one at the bottom of the basket and it made me stop and just smile.  I realized looking at it today that I had forgotten so much, and much has changed since I quilted many years ago.  The beauty - I still forged ahead and made what I though was "priceless".  The blocks are uneven, the sashing is puckering and the edges I know for a fact are not even. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!  
I don't know why I picked the pattern or why I chose these colors but I love it!!! I do remember Kathy at the Loft listening to me describe what I wanted and this is what I ended up with.  She is so gracious but I bet she had a good chuckle after our conversation!

My lesson today after finding this....believe in yourself and forge ahead!  Life isn't about being perfect, its about enjoying people and each day...I will try to remember that!

One last thought...this will go to my "quilter" and I will tell her to be kind and just do what she can with it! After all, we all learn from our mistakes!

Remember - SMILE always,