Friday, March 16, 2012

A feel good!!

Another project I pulled out the the box and decided to finish. My husband went to his "movie night" this week and I went to my sewing room and looked for something small to complete. It now just needs a back (which I have) and will be hand quilted this week-end while it rains!  YIPPIE :-) to finish this not the rain.....  :-( I konw... true Californians LOVE the rain!!!! I love the sunshine!

This was a mystery quilt started in December by   Temecula Quilt Co.  You may have seen this already, but each day they posted a new block.  This was done for 12 days...thus the name "The 12 Days of Christmas" Take a look and each day the blocks added an additional piece.  I had never done one of these because I am not that disciplined to finish them.  I did finish this one though and added larger borders so I could use it on a table.  The size was a doll quilt size but I wanted it larger.I really feel good...done!!!!!!
When I take the time to finish something it gives me the energy to complete something else.  What's a strange phenomenon  huh!!!!

Just curious - have you ventured to Pinterest yet?  Lots of fun and some really great things to make, see and just enjoy!  Try it!

Have a good week-end and enjoy!

Remember - SMILE always,

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