Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First day of spring!

I just love the first day of spring....and the second and the third..

There are so many ways to celebrate the first day of spring!  For me I did it with a few friends, a little quilting, a little lunch  and lots of laughter.  Not much better than that :)  We even celebrated with a few bunches of daffodils...Two of the gals forgot to take theirs home so I just had to find a great place to show them off. Want to see?

Aren't they just the best little flower?

This little bunch sits in my bathroom window along with my sunflower.  The sunflower came from the Country Loft.  They have such great little things to celebrate each season! Fun, fun, fun...

Not much quilting done today but I am ready for a class I have this week.  Way back I told you about a Sampler class that will last the entire year.  I also posted the blocks to share that I was all caught up!  As of Thursday I will be behind again but I am committed to staying on track.

So...I had a great first day of spring and I hope you did as well.  Remember to enjoy all the flowers, the trees that are blooming and the love of all the great people in your lives....I am doing just that!!!

Remember - SMlLE always,

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