Monday, March 26, 2012

They really are puzzled!

Well, you have met Palmer (yes, he is the one with the bone in his mouth) and his buddy is Elwood.

Our little four legged friends certainly do have routines!  On the week-ends when my husband and I are about to leave the  house together...these little ones sit at the top of the landing just watching the action.  Once we shut the door they make a beeline to the living room and watch us leave the driveway.  It is just like clockwork.  Once the trauma of us leaving is over they immediately go find a place to take a nap!!

This is not the "norm" only when we really want a special bed will we try and push the other one out!!!!  The culprit - ELWOOD!!!!

I do hope everyone has a great week - I plan on it!!!

Remember - SMILE always,

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  1. Ha, ha ... they are super cute ... love the head tilt. Just went back and reread your applique post ... you are eating those words, aren't you?!