Thursday, March 1, 2012

Things that make me smile...

This morning I was looking through a basket that has several "unfinished" quilts in it.  Some need binding, a few need to be be quilted, a couple that need to be finished and then.... I came upon a gem in the bottom of the basket!!!!
A few years ago when my life allowed me the time to get back into quilting I decided I wanted to make a small table topper for my kitchen table. I had this vision that I would fill my house with quilts and just enjoy looking at them. I would have them on all the beds, small ones on chairs and maybe even one on a wall!  Now I see, it was like the old expression, "your eyes are bigger than your stomach".  Most everything I have is in the basket :) unfinished! ...but...I did find the one at the bottom of the basket and it made me stop and just smile.  I realized looking at it today that I had forgotten so much, and much has changed since I quilted many years ago.  The beauty - I still forged ahead and made what I though was "priceless".  The blocks are uneven, the sashing is puckering and the edges I know for a fact are not even. BUT I LOVE IT!!!!!  
I don't know why I picked the pattern or why I chose these colors but I love it!!! I do remember Kathy at the Loft listening to me describe what I wanted and this is what I ended up with.  She is so gracious but I bet she had a good chuckle after our conversation!

My lesson today after finding this....believe in yourself and forge ahead!  Life isn't about being perfect, its about enjoying people and each day...I will try to remember that!

One last thought...this will go to my "quilter" and I will tell her to be kind and just do what she can with it! After all, we all learn from our mistakes!

Remember - SMILE always,

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  1. Ha, ha, ha ... I love that quilt! You tell your quilter she better be nice to you ... or I'll give her a small piece of my mind!