Friday, March 23, 2012

This is so much fun.......

A few days ago I told you about the year long sampler class I was taking. I had a class this week and now I can say out loud I wasn't looking forward to it!  The class was applique and it has been the big green monster in my current quilting life! I see it, I love it, I want to do it but I just turned my back and did the same thing many of us do...I said to myself - "self do something else because you will just get frustrated"
A long time ago I did needle turn and if my memory serves me well I didn't enjoy that either..

So.... life teaches me again! I went to class, I listened, I laughed and I found I was not alone with the challenges of applique.  However, I did it and found it was very enjoyable and certainly not as difficult as I thought!!! I  Let me show you my progress....

This method is with freezer paper and the tools make it so easy to have nice sharp edges and good points - well getting better :)

 Here are two that are ready to stitch down and I love them.  The stitching part is my "good thing" in this process..
We need to complete four blocks for this month.  I had visions of a struggle just before next months class but not to be...I will try to get these close to completion this week-end!

I also want to share a web site that I really love. 
It isn't quilting but another art that I think is fun and whimsical.  I have a friend in MO. and her son and daughter in law started doing these. They are doing very well and have been quite successful. Jeff makes the birdhouses and Becca does the plants...Rebecca's Bird Gardens.
Look under "photos and whats new" the ones with door knobs are really fun!

Well guys, I have been playing all day so I better get busy doing a few things that need attending to.  Have a great week-end and find something "fun" to do.  It's a great thing!!

Remember - SMILE Always,

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