Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What if.....

(this was on Facebook and I had to borrow it from a friend)
Wouldn't it be just a great day?  I saw this today and just smiled and thought of how much time we  waste complaining and being today I will do just the opposite.
I have so many projects to finish and bindings to get put on quilts but... I always have so many other things to do they never seem to get done. Today I have decided to do a few "must" chores this morning and spend the afternoon quilting!  It is my favorite thing and it's the last thing I put on my "to do" list each day! Do you ever do the same thing?

I also want to share with you my little buddy! 

Meet Palmer (he came with that name) - he is a little Bichon that we got from the Bichon rescue...our guess is he is about 5.  This little guy is such a joy and he is my shadow all day!  He hates when you leave the house and goes crazy when you come back.  He certainly demonstrates the definition of separation anxiety.... but he is a cutie.  As you can see....he always has a rope in his mouth much like a security blanket  :) heaven forbid if he can't find it when you come home or someone comes to visit!

So today I will be "grateful for Palmer even when he is front of me going downstairs, or under foot when in the kitchen and most of all when I am sewing and he wants to sit in my lap!

Oh by the way....Palmer has a brother Elwood (another strange name I know) that I will introduce you to soon....

Have a great day all...and think of all you have to be grateful for :)  For sure...I am grateful for all my friends that love to quilt!!!!

Remember - SMILE always...


  1. Hi Jayne,
    I'm grateful for YOU!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Palmer too. I have an Evee who looks very much like Palmer. Maybe they could have a play date? I'm still working on ours.
    By the way, your quilts are outstanding. You sew beautifully! Sho Fly is one of my very favorite old time blocks. Oh, were you making that for me?! giggle.
    Love ya,
    Susy Q Boyer

  2. Hey there -- Finally I get to meet Palmer ... so cute and not what I expected Palmer to look like! Ha, ha ... love your little quilt ... great work!