Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Our little bundle of joy is here!!!

Emma Joyce Cheney arrived at 1:39 this morning.  She was 7lbs 11 ounces and 20.5inches long.  She is just beautiful and so sweet.  My daughter had a very long day which started yesterday morning at 7:30...she is tired but full of joy!

Papa and I took Cooper today to meet his new little sister today - he told us "she is precious" and then proceeded to tell us he was going to teach her how to walk and then demonstrated how it is done.  How fun to be 31/2... :)

Take a look at mommy, Cooper and Emma...such happiness....

Cooper is just so taken by her but wants her to do so many things :)

Papa and I will enjoy her until Sunday and then head back to San Diego..Nothing is as much fun as a new little life that is all about being loved!!!  How lucky we are...

Enjoy all the little ones in your life...and give hugs and kisses!

Remember - SMILE always.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here in Seattle...

Well, I am up here in Seattle on baby watch with my daughter. She is due next week but there had been some concern that she may be induced early! Not to be...she is scheduled back at the Dr next Monday. She is more than ready to get this show on the road but as we all know...the baby is driving this bus!

I've had such joy spending fun time with our little Cooper. Since he lives here and we are in San Diego we miss a great deal with him. So far in two days I have been to swimming lessons, school (he is 3 this means preschool), I've had a helper with all I do such as   cooking and dishes and getting ready for the day each morning! He is a great helper and he makes me laugh all day long!  Take a look at how I found him when I went in to greet him this morning!

He was  very busy making something at his workbench with his "socks" work gloves on and his goggles

His new little sister has the cutest room. I plan to take a few pictures and post them in the next few days - keep watching! It is just adorable!! It's all about a pink Winnie the Pooh!

It's a bit cooler here than San Diego but at least the sun has popped out a little each day!  Certainly hope our little treasure decides to join us soon...  

Hope your week is a good one so far!  I am trying to hand stitch but really challenged getting into it.  I better get back at it because I am way behind! I say that often huh?
Anyway I will be back soon with another update!!!

Remember - SMILE always...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

A gloomy Saturday....

Have I ever told you I so hate the rainy and cold days?  To most San Diegans I hear "I love the rain".  Not me....
I do however, love a blog from Portland Oregon. She is a designer and does beautiful cross stitch but the real thing I love is her home and her photography.  She embraces the Portland rain but celebrates the sun when it shines.  A very inspiring gal.  I sometimes read her blog and can feel the cold air and the warmth of the quilt she wraps herself in.  Her home has been published in a magazine.  If you journey around her site you may find it. 
Take a peek and see if you enjoy what she has to offer...the name is... Posy Gets Cozy!

A bit of silly for the day...I loved this :)

Enjoy your week-end and enjoy the weather.  It certainly will please many of you!!!!
and also have a cookie :)

Got places to go and things to do so  off I go!

Remember - SMILE always,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sometimes I like it - sometimes I don't...

The past few days I have been busy completing a small quilt top.  When I decided to make it I was completely inspired by a block a friend did.  It was full of life, lots of fun and made me smile....the fabric line was new and it had great colors so I took the plunge... first mistake, I decided to tone it down with a few colors that were more neutral.  I added two selections that I thought would make it more my wrong I was!!!
The lesson learned...if you make something you were inspired to make - make it!!!  Don't try to change it and then have it be what you originally loved... :) It doesn't work!

This is the end result!!!!  Not anything like what I loved to begin with!
I am going to have this quilted and keep it.  It is a reminder that we learn each and every day.  All our quilts tell a story - this is just another lesson learned for me.  You may love what someone else does but we each have a style and when we put effort into doing something be sure it follows your style.
Enough said...I have decided to complete each quilt (small or large) I make.  I bet each of you can look at all your quilts and each one has a story.
Now... here is something I did a while ago.  It is discussion, no challenge, I just loved the fabrics and enjoy having it!

Sorry for the basket of fruit but it is cute :)

I just love quilting!  It is something that brings joy to all that do it.  I look at so many blogs...we each have a "style"and that's what makes it special and FUN!!!!

Off to have a glasss of wine with my honey and end this day in a positive way - enjoying life!!!

Love to all my quilting frineds - 

Remember - SMILE always -

Friday, April 6, 2012

My new best friend :)

I know, 4 days and no post!  I have been very busy doing what I don't know.... but each day just gets away from me!

I am sharing with you a product that is not new but to me it is "brand new" and I love it!  I am calling it my "new best friend". I have never been one to buy each new thing I see in a shop (unless it's fabric I just love) but this is great.  The other day I was reading another blog and she said this is one of her "favorite things". I so agree....

Not only does it work well with no residue but it smells fabulous!!!!


I bet all of you use this but just in case you don't...TRY IT!!! you will love it!

This morning was so pretty where I live so I went outside with my camera and my coffee to just take in the moment and start the day in a positive way....  There really wasn't anything to take a picture, of that I haven't done before, so I just sat down with my coffee and listened to the birds. A little Humming bird landed on a flower so I jumped up to get a good shot of him but no such luck - he flew away in an instant. I then decided to just take a picture of the flower he visited. I really just wanted to take a few pictures :)  So, this is where my little bird friend stopped to have a little treat to start his day!!!  Hope yours had a good start as well!!!

My little friend was sitting right in the middle!!!

The week-end is just about to start and I truly wish all of you a very Happy Easter and hope each of you enjoy time with family and those you love!!!! 


 Remember - SMILE always...

Monday, April 2, 2012

I've been away....not physically :)

I have been in another world the last week or so.  I really have been here but I do wonder about myself!  I have been trying to post today and I am having such a struggle with BLOG button is missing!!!! Now, I do understand there are more pressing concerns in our world but today...this is mine!

I also have been struggling with the class I am taking.  Remember, the one that lasts all year and a few posts ago I was telling all of you "this is so much fun"...not!  This past class was all about applique. I really like applique but I DO NOT like points!  They were about to push me over the edge but I prevailed and muddled through.  A group of us got together and gave support to each other to get past the struggle!  To all that helped - thank you! To me - I take a bow and say "fine job"...

Here are the four blocks that we did.  I am caught up until the next class....wish me luck it is "paper piecing"...not even going to think about it yet!

So far so good...9 blocks complete and I have no idea how many more to go! It is only complete through April :)

I also tried to take a picture of my LOSING Mega Lottery tickets.  I bet you all have a few!  No such luck, the picture was not at all clear but you all know what useless tickets look like!  I told my husband we could have at least won $7. bucks...At least to cover my $2. investment.  No, I am not a lottery ticket buyer but this time i had such a fear of not taking my chance.  Told you I have been in another world!

Well, I have a small project to complete for a another monthly meeting I attend.  I am finishing that tomorrow and getting ready to work on a few things I really want to complete.

I picked up American Patchwork & Quilting today (June issue)....Get it and take a look at page 70...   our own Kathy Cardiff  is featured!  It's great and they really focused on her project! From the Editors desk both gals are holding versions of Kathy's piece.  Good job Kathy!  Love it!!!
Also featured under "I am a Quilter" is Mark Ruddy.  He is a frequent customer at the Loft.

So, this is a bit of catch up for me.  hope you enjoy reading about my traumas.  If not, oh well!!!!

Have a great, super week and....

Remember - SMILE always....