Saturday, April 14, 2012

A gloomy Saturday....

Have I ever told you I so hate the rainy and cold days?  To most San Diegans I hear "I love the rain".  Not me....
I do however, love a blog from Portland Oregon. She is a designer and does beautiful cross stitch but the real thing I love is her home and her photography.  She embraces the Portland rain but celebrates the sun when it shines.  A very inspiring gal.  I sometimes read her blog and can feel the cold air and the warmth of the quilt she wraps herself in.  Her home has been published in a magazine.  If you journey around her site you may find it. 
Take a peek and see if you enjoy what she has to offer...the name is... Posy Gets Cozy!

A bit of silly for the day...I loved this :)

Enjoy your week-end and enjoy the weather.  It certainly will please many of you!!!!
and also have a cookie :)

Got places to go and things to do so  off I go!

Remember - SMILE always,

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