Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here in Seattle...

Well, I am up here in Seattle on baby watch with my daughter. She is due next week but there had been some concern that she may be induced early! Not to be...she is scheduled back at the Dr next Monday. She is more than ready to get this show on the road but as we all know...the baby is driving this bus!

I've had such joy spending fun time with our little Cooper. Since he lives here and we are in San Diego we miss a great deal with him. So far in two days I have been to swimming lessons, school (he is 3 this means preschool), I've had a helper with all I do such as   cooking and dishes and getting ready for the day each morning! He is a great helper and he makes me laugh all day long!  Take a look at how I found him when I went in to greet him this morning!

He was  very busy making something at his workbench with his "socks" work gloves on and his goggles

His new little sister has the cutest room. I plan to take a few pictures and post them in the next few days - keep watching! It is just adorable!! It's all about a pink Winnie the Pooh!

It's a bit cooler here than San Diego but at least the sun has popped out a little each day!  Certainly hope our little treasure decides to join us soon...  

Hope your week is a good one so far!  I am trying to hand stitch but really challenged getting into it.  I better get back at it because I am way behind! I say that often huh?
Anyway I will be back soon with another update!!!

Remember - SMILE always...

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  1. I love Cooper and his personality! What is it with little boys and socks on their hands? He has that in common with Reed! Miss you lots and hope that baby comes soon ... give Cooper a hug from his friend Colleen ... "what's your name?"; "whatcha doin'?" Remember?? He was hilarious! xo