Monday, April 2, 2012

I've been away....not physically :)

I have been in another world the last week or so.  I really have been here but I do wonder about myself!  I have been trying to post today and I am having such a struggle with BLOG button is missing!!!! Now, I do understand there are more pressing concerns in our world but today...this is mine!

I also have been struggling with the class I am taking.  Remember, the one that lasts all year and a few posts ago I was telling all of you "this is so much fun"...not!  This past class was all about applique. I really like applique but I DO NOT like points!  They were about to push me over the edge but I prevailed and muddled through.  A group of us got together and gave support to each other to get past the struggle!  To all that helped - thank you! To me - I take a bow and say "fine job"...

Here are the four blocks that we did.  I am caught up until the next class....wish me luck it is "paper piecing"...not even going to think about it yet!

So far so good...9 blocks complete and I have no idea how many more to go! It is only complete through April :)

I also tried to take a picture of my LOSING Mega Lottery tickets.  I bet you all have a few!  No such luck, the picture was not at all clear but you all know what useless tickets look like!  I told my husband we could have at least won $7. bucks...At least to cover my $2. investment.  No, I am not a lottery ticket buyer but this time i had such a fear of not taking my chance.  Told you I have been in another world!

Well, I have a small project to complete for a another monthly meeting I attend.  I am finishing that tomorrow and getting ready to work on a few things I really want to complete.

I picked up American Patchwork & Quilting today (June issue)....Get it and take a look at page 70...   our own Kathy Cardiff  is featured!  It's great and they really focused on her project! From the Editors desk both gals are holding versions of Kathy's piece.  Good job Kathy!  Love it!!!
Also featured under "I am a Quilter" is Mark Ruddy.  He is a frequent customer at the Loft.

So, this is a bit of catch up for me.  hope you enjoy reading about my traumas.  If not, oh well!!!!

Have a great, super week and....

Remember - SMILE always....

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  1. Hi friend -- aloha from Irvine ... ha, ha! The only blog I look at every time I open my computer is your's! Do you mind if I steal your idea about Kathy and Mark and post on my page. My mind is so caught up right now with what going on at the moment around me! Didn't even get to visit yesterday since I was so busy teaching. See 'ya soon! xo