Friday, April 6, 2012

My new best friend :)

I know, 4 days and no post!  I have been very busy doing what I don't know.... but each day just gets away from me!

I am sharing with you a product that is not new but to me it is "brand new" and I love it!  I am calling it my "new best friend". I have never been one to buy each new thing I see in a shop (unless it's fabric I just love) but this is great.  The other day I was reading another blog and she said this is one of her "favorite things". I so agree....

Not only does it work well with no residue but it smells fabulous!!!!


I bet all of you use this but just in case you don't...TRY IT!!! you will love it!

This morning was so pretty where I live so I went outside with my camera and my coffee to just take in the moment and start the day in a positive way....  There really wasn't anything to take a picture, of that I haven't done before, so I just sat down with my coffee and listened to the birds. A little Humming bird landed on a flower so I jumped up to get a good shot of him but no such luck - he flew away in an instant. I then decided to just take a picture of the flower he visited. I really just wanted to take a few pictures :)  So, this is where my little bird friend stopped to have a little treat to start his day!!!  Hope yours had a good start as well!!!

My little friend was sitting right in the middle!!!

The week-end is just about to start and I truly wish all of you a very Happy Easter and hope each of you enjoy time with family and those you love!!!! 


 Remember - SMILE always...

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