Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Sometimes I like it - sometimes I don't...

The past few days I have been busy completing a small quilt top.  When I decided to make it I was completely inspired by a block a friend did.  It was full of life, lots of fun and made me smile....the fabric line was new and it had great colors so I took the plunge... first mistake, I decided to tone it down with a few colors that were more neutral.  I added two selections that I thought would make it more my wrong I was!!!
The lesson learned...if you make something you were inspired to make - make it!!!  Don't try to change it and then have it be what you originally loved... :) It doesn't work!

This is the end result!!!!  Not anything like what I loved to begin with!
I am going to have this quilted and keep it.  It is a reminder that we learn each and every day.  All our quilts tell a story - this is just another lesson learned for me.  You may love what someone else does but we each have a style and when we put effort into doing something be sure it follows your style.
Enough said...I have decided to complete each quilt (small or large) I make.  I bet each of you can look at all your quilts and each one has a story.
Now... here is something I did a while ago.  It is discussion, no challenge, I just loved the fabrics and enjoy having it!

Sorry for the basket of fruit but it is cute :)

I just love quilting!  It is something that brings joy to all that do it.  I look at so many blogs...we each have a "style"and that's what makes it special and FUN!!!!

Off to have a glasss of wine with my honey and end this day in a positive way - enjoying life!!!

Love to all my quilting frineds - 

Remember - SMILE always -

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  1. That quilt looks nothing like the block Mindy had ... I'm sure it looks a lot better in person! Ah yes, they can't all be stunners can they? But every one is a part of us! {{{{}}}}