Thursday, May 31, 2012


Spirit quilt is a pattern from Country Sampler.  It was taught at the Country Loft  by Katherine Hughes.where I took the class. This is the first time I have used a complete line of fabric for a quilt. I usually go with "scrap" or just a group of fabrics I think look go together.  There is a first time for everything!

I have always felt that a single group of fabrics from a specific line of fabric did not allow for creativity.  How wrong I was!  I truly like this quilt! I used a very simple backing (can't see it) and overall I love it!

The lesson I learned....try new things all the time!  It may surprise you with what you discover.  Now,  I am on to another project and I have left the use "one line of fabric" option behind.  Who knows what I will find that I like the next time!!!This is what I love about quilting!!!!  We discover new things all the time :)

Here is another picture of the same project! This was fun to make.....

What do you do.....I would love to hear how you select fabric, it is such a personal thing and all quilters have so many great ideas...Please share....I would love to hear from all of you!

P.S. - this quilt has just returned from being quilted.  I have not put the binding on yet but it will be red.  Will share when it is complete.

Have fun with whatever you do today!!!!

Remember - SMILE always,

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So simple but so beautiful....

I did see a few beautiful quilts while at Market but this one is truly fabulous.  I didn't  get a picture but this morning I found it on Cottons 'n Wools.  It was designed by Lisa Bongean Primitive Gatherings and quilted by Linda from the The Quilted Pineapple.

Tale a look at Linda's site  above - The Quilted Pineapple -  to view the quilt called "Colfax County"

Seeing it in person was such a treat.  I love simple two color quilts but this one is really a winner! The fabric is from a new line from Primitive Gatherings out later this year. The quilting is also fabulous!
Quilt Market is like a candy store - I want it all! 

Hope you enjoy....

Off to get quilting and finish a few things I will show soon!

Remember - SMILE always,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I went to Market :)

Hi everyone!

I have been away at Quilt Market and am now just getting my "self" together! 
It wasn't just market, if you remember, we had a new addition to the family this past month and I am happy to say Emma is getting so big!  Wish she was here in San Diego but I will just have to hug her on Skype!

Now, let me tell you about quilt market :)  I went as a helper for Kathy Cardiff  from the
Cottage At Cardiff Farms. It was certainly an experience!!!!!  Not just seeing market - that in itself is overwhelming - but setting up a booth is another story!  To say we came home tired would be an understatement!  Let me share a few "memories" from this great journey.!

Do you ever wonder what you need to take to market?  We traveled from San Diego with Kathy (The Loft)  and Jo Ann (JAM)...Between us we had 13- yes I said 13 bags (most were duffel bags).  That does not include our carry on items. Getting checked in should have told me what was ahead but I just laughed and continued on!

The next challenge after landing in KC was getting transportation from the airport to the convention center.  I will not try to tell the story but trust was a challenge.  The shuttle service allows 2 bags per person and one carry on item.  Do the math -  what an experience but we got there :)

 Now....when we got to the hotel Kathy had boxes waiting that she had shipped earlier. Yes, another story....they had to be delivered from the hotel to the convention center.  The only way to achieve this was for Kathy and I to take it upon ourselves and find the tunnel (thank goodness for a tunnel) from the hotel to the convention center....When you go through a lobby very early in the morning pushing this giant cart and no one even asks a question :) you can say success!

Setting us was such an experience.  Kathy knew exactly what was to go where and how it would be hung!  Hats off to her...I just followed directions :)

Jo Ann and Kathy were a bit quicker, you could tell they were very experienced!

End result - it looked fabulous!!!

It was a great experience and one I will always remember.  I do say - to all those that design patterns and then go to market to sell - you are real troopers...Hats off to all of you!  I thank Kathy for taking me along.I can now say I have seen all sides of "market"....

I have a few more things to share but I will save those for another day... but for now...have a great day!

Remember - SMILE  always...

Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy Monday...

I hope all of you had a very nice Mothers Day!  I did - my oldest son and his wife arrived mid morning to make breakfast for me.  It was delicious!!!!  They made eggs Benedict but used lobster instead of ham. It was just so yummy!  My honey was so pleased it was mothers day - he enjoyed it as much as I did!  Thanks to great kids and daughters in law...

I am busy getting ready to head to market in KC with Kathy Cardiff .  It is such an exciting event to be able to attend.  I have friends that have gone before and the best thing I hear - "It's a quilters dream"...I can't wait!
I did want a project to work on in her booth if time allowed. I chose Kathy's pattern (Cottage Clutch) that is being profiled in the current Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine.  This is as far as I have gotten - much hand stitching to be done but that was my objective! I really found it a fun project!  Have you seen it?

Cottage Clutch - Bittersweet

We also got to Skype with our little "joys" in Seattle.  Emma is growing quite fast and Cooper - well he is just a trip!  We love them both.
Take a peek at Cooper and please notice - he uses a "pick" when he plays guitar - Papa is so proud of him!  Not sure what he was singing but he gave it his all  :-)......

Well, must get a few things done since we Leave Wednesday morning!

I will come back with lots to tell and lots to share....enjoy your week!

Remember - SMILE always...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mom's day :)

Let me wish all the moms I know a Happy Mothers Day!!

I love being a mom, even now when my kids are all grown and have families of their own, I still love the fact that I am a mom.  It is the one job in life that brings, joy, challenges, tears, laughter and  a never ending book of stories to share. It is a job that has no description and can be described in so many different ways by so many moms!

For all of you that share this title - enjoy!  A special shout to my daughter Kristen who has just become a mom of two...I love you!!

Pinned Image

Remember - SMILE always...

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Bits...

One day a while back I wanted to design a quilt that was - simple ( I just love the old simple patterns), utilize scraps that had been sitting around for years (no joke) and something that would just be fun to do!!!  I created this...

Little Bits

Here it is just after sewing the last stitch!  I really liked it but it was way to bright for me.  After all  this work I had to do something to change the look so I would not waste all this time and all my scraps! Now, to be so attached to these scraps is a bit much but making this brought back a few memories.  Remember times you bought fabric you just loved to do something so wonderful and it never got done? And....then you meet up with it again and say - "what was I thinking"...This little quilt reflects all those feelings. was still to bright! Then I remembered...I read something on a blog that described a way to create subtle changes in a quilt to tone down the brightness and soften whites.  I searched and searched and then found it!  Take a look at the change!

The time of day was the same but the lighting was a bit different in the two pictures, however the change is real and the difference, though subtle, is just what I wanted to achieve.The process toned down all the fabrics but did not get dark at all.  My husband saw the finished project and said - "this looks a little vintage" - he really did say that :) and it truly was a success!

So the lesson...never give up on little bits of fabric you may have stashed. Noe of these pieces would work alone but together they created somethiong I love :)

Have a super day! 

Remember - SMILE always...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good to be back....

We have returned from Seattle with a beautiful new little bundle of joy in our lives.  It was hard to say good by to her but I will treasure the time spent with her during her first few days in our family! She is the sweetest, most adorable, precious little girl in the world.  I know - you say all Grammy's say that....but this time it's true :) just take a peek!
Emma Joyce Cheney

It was not only a fun two weeks with the arrival of Emma, but I had some very special time with Cooper - the "big brother".  No matter where we went he would grab my arm and tell everyone "this is my Grammy". Yes, I felt ever so special.  I got to go to school, speech therapy and swimming lessons.  Three year olds have very busy lives :)  He has the cutest little group of friends at school.  I missed this event but he had an opportunity to have his "first dance".  Mommy sent this picture last night!  So cute....
I did meet her her and she is a cutie!

I just love being a Grammy...and also love watching my own daughter be such a good mommy!  She is so patient with her two little joys.  Watching this take place is just another gift in life. 

If you have a "special" daughter take a minute and let her know she is!  I am very proud of mine :) 

Have a great day!

Remember - SMILE always!