Thursday, May 3, 2012

Good to be back....

We have returned from Seattle with a beautiful new little bundle of joy in our lives.  It was hard to say good by to her but I will treasure the time spent with her during her first few days in our family! She is the sweetest, most adorable, precious little girl in the world.  I know - you say all Grammy's say that....but this time it's true :) just take a peek!
Emma Joyce Cheney

It was not only a fun two weeks with the arrival of Emma, but I had some very special time with Cooper - the "big brother".  No matter where we went he would grab my arm and tell everyone "this is my Grammy". Yes, I felt ever so special.  I got to go to school, speech therapy and swimming lessons.  Three year olds have very busy lives :)  He has the cutest little group of friends at school.  I missed this event but he had an opportunity to have his "first dance".  Mommy sent this picture last night!  So cute....
I did meet her her and she is a cutie!

I just love being a Grammy...and also love watching my own daughter be such a good mommy!  She is so patient with her two little joys.  Watching this take place is just another gift in life. 

If you have a "special" daughter take a minute and let her know she is!  I am very proud of mine :) 

Have a great day!

Remember - SMILE always!

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