Thursday, May 10, 2012

Little Bits...

One day a while back I wanted to design a quilt that was - simple ( I just love the old simple patterns), utilize scraps that had been sitting around for years (no joke) and something that would just be fun to do!!!  I created this...

Little Bits

Here it is just after sewing the last stitch!  I really liked it but it was way to bright for me.  After all  this work I had to do something to change the look so I would not waste all this time and all my scraps! Now, to be so attached to these scraps is a bit much but making this brought back a few memories.  Remember times you bought fabric you just loved to do something so wonderful and it never got done? And....then you meet up with it again and say - "what was I thinking"...This little quilt reflects all those feelings. was still to bright! Then I remembered...I read something on a blog that described a way to create subtle changes in a quilt to tone down the brightness and soften whites.  I searched and searched and then found it!  Take a look at the change!

The time of day was the same but the lighting was a bit different in the two pictures, however the change is real and the difference, though subtle, is just what I wanted to achieve.The process toned down all the fabrics but did not get dark at all.  My husband saw the finished project and said - "this looks a little vintage" - he really did say that :) and it truly was a success!

So the lesson...never give up on little bits of fabric you may have stashed. Noe of these pieces would work alone but together they created somethiong I love :)

Have a super day! 

Remember - SMILE always...

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