Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So simple but so beautiful....

I did see a few beautiful quilts while at Market but this one is truly fabulous.  I didn't  get a picture but this morning I found it on Cottons 'n Wools.  It was designed by Lisa Bongean Primitive Gatherings and quilted by Linda from the The Quilted Pineapple.

Tale a look at Linda's site  above - The Quilted Pineapple -  to view the quilt called "Colfax County"

Seeing it in person was such a treat.  I love simple two color quilts but this one is really a winner! The fabric is from a new line from Primitive Gatherings out later this year. The quilting is also fabulous!
Quilt Market is like a candy store - I want it all! 

Hope you enjoy....

Off to get quilting and finish a few things I will show soon!

Remember - SMILE always,

1 comment:

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