Thursday, May 31, 2012


Spirit quilt is a pattern from Country Sampler.  It was taught at the Country Loft  by Katherine Hughes.where I took the class. This is the first time I have used a complete line of fabric for a quilt. I usually go with "scrap" or just a group of fabrics I think look go together.  There is a first time for everything!

I have always felt that a single group of fabrics from a specific line of fabric did not allow for creativity.  How wrong I was!  I truly like this quilt! I used a very simple backing (can't see it) and overall I love it!

The lesson I learned....try new things all the time!  It may surprise you with what you discover.  Now,  I am on to another project and I have left the use "one line of fabric" option behind.  Who knows what I will find that I like the next time!!!This is what I love about quilting!!!!  We discover new things all the time :)

Here is another picture of the same project! This was fun to make.....

What do you do.....I would love to hear how you select fabric, it is such a personal thing and all quilters have so many great ideas...Please share....I would love to hear from all of you!

P.S. - this quilt has just returned from being quilted.  I have not put the binding on yet but it will be red.  Will share when it is complete.

Have fun with whatever you do today!!!!

Remember - SMILE always,

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  1. I love that... what line of fabric did you use? Looks like a Civil War collection?