Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another beautiful day....

Have I said 100 times or more how much I love summer and warm days?  Well, let me tell you again today.  For me, there is something so special about a day that starts with a warm sun very early.  Here in San Diego we have these things called "May gray and June gloom"...I really am challenged with both of these.  All it really means is that the sun is not to be seen until mid-day or even later during these two months. Not my cup of tea!!!
and clock work, it gets close to July and low and behold - the sun is up and out very early!  This morning I went out in my backyard with a coffee and just felt the warm sun start it's day!  I love it! The sun is one of my best friends :)
I also checked Facebook and look what I found posted by a friend...It says it all about summer and sunshine...

We don't experience any rain from now until the end of the year so I cherich each of these days It is nice to be so happy with such a small thing like sunshine but I have a daughter and she and her family are living in the Seattle area!  I know she would love to have a few of these days...I wilsh I could send them her way!

Well enough about my sunshine story.  I wanted to also share something I love but have not been engaged with for a while.  My "Pocket Dreams".. These were little girls with simple style but I had a big dream for them.  I got sidetracked but they may just surface again soon.  They have big hearts and the plan was for them to be the keeper of big dreams!  Meet my friends...

Well....enough for today...I am getting ready for a class this afternoon.  It is the Sampler class I have previewed before. Better get busy!

Have a day full of sunshine!

Remember - SMILE always -

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Old is fun....

No...I don't mean getting old I mean quilts that are from long ago!

My daughter in law (Laurie) brought over this quilt that had been in her family for some time.  Her concerns were it had a few holes and certainly a few stains.  There isn't much that can be done to restore it but I suggested she just enjoy it. 
The thing that is so much fun is to look at the fabric selections that were used.  We worry so about matching, clashing, darks and lights.  In the past they used what they had and saw the beauty.  I am certain for many of these quilts they were a necessity for the homes.  Take a look....

These are large blocks with a multitude of different fabrics.

Here is a close up of one of the blocks....
Note - the handles are pieced with a few different fabrics.

The more I looked at it, the more I liked it!  I thought it would be fun to recreate it with a more "current" selection of fabrics.  I may have shown my blocks a while back, not sure, so here is just a small selection of what I have finished. So far - 8 blocks - well basket piecing - no handles yet!

For the baskets I used a small print with a larger print.  No handles have been done yet but I will use just one fabric cut on the bias for sure. Each block is 16".  I think I will use it on a guest room bed when finished. Not sure why I say that but it just seems to tell me that's where it wants to end up :)  Finished??? I will certainly take a while but once completed I will age the entire quilt to give it that old time feel.

I love things from the past..They are someones treasures and we can just make up our own story about how they fit into a life way back when. I guess our quilts will be looked at in much the same way in many years from now.

A note - I have been told of a cleaning product that will take the spots out.  I will check on it at the Country Loft next week.  If nothing else I can return it to Laurie minus the spots.

Hope you enjoyed my little thoughts from the past..I will keep you updated as I progress along with this...remember - it is not on the top of my project list but always in my thoughts to get it completed!!!

Enjoy your Sunday and.....
Remember - SMILE always,

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So easily distracted :)

Hi everyone,

I have just been a very poor blogger - no excuses... so let's move on!

Two weeks ago I started a new project and cut several pieces of fabric. I was not smiling with the selection but moved forward anyway.  Result - put the entire project in a baggie and started over. Did you ever do this :)
Then last week I saw a picture of a quilt in a book and it did get me thinking, that it might be fun to do! So,...another project started! As always,  I have the need to do scrappy...but this time I chose to do scrappy with just one color - BLUE...  It has been fun to do.  I know the finished project it not right around the corner but the energy is with me to get closer each day.

Take a peek!

It is  scrappyblue but most fabrics are gray-blue!

The squares are made with 9 patch and squares.  Here is the beginning of building the 9 patch blocks!

 I will keep you posted with my progress....stay tuned!

Now...a little picture story that makes me laugh.  I know we have all been here either as mommy's or Grammy's. Bet you will smile also!

Outside  playing in the Seattle sunshine - doesn't happen very ofter :(

Our first "double knee" oops!

All better and loving the band-aids!!
 Just a little fun spot in life...when they are far away these pictures mean everything!  Cooper has recovered... and oh yes - Emma is getting so big!  She will visit my blog very soon. 

Hope you are glad to see me back :)  I have enjoyed being here today myself.  It is summer time with so much to do and enjoy each day.  Lots ahead in this household also!  I will keep you posted!

Remember - SMILE always'

Monday, June 4, 2012

Things that make me giggle...

I could be posting a quilt I am starting or I could be posting some great tip that I might know (not real sure I have one )....but I have decided to share the giggles I have had recently.

This past week my daughter must have been a bit bored (I wonder how with two little ones) but she got very busy with her camera! We love it when she does this because in the middle of the day my hubby and I get a new picture that puts all the days activities into perspective.
 We hate being so far away (San Diego and Seattle) but at least we do everything possible like SKYPE, photos and phone conversations.  Cooper sometimes is not at all interested in a conversation but when you are almost 4 you have a very busy life!

Emma gave us her very first SMILE....take a peek!

Emma 6 - weeks old! She is sooooo cute!

Now at the same time mommy got this very funny picture of Cooper.  He is a character!!  We are wondering about the hat and notice the rain boots.  I will have to ask him where he got the hat. I know he loves to wear his boots - easy to put on :)!  The only thing missing - his adorable glasses....

Our little Cooper!

Now a little brother got a new little sister and has had a bit of a challenge welcoming her crying into his life. looks as if he has found the solution and is more that happy to replace the pacifier when it falls out!  A win - win for both :)

Big brother to the rescue!

So, as you can see I had a few very fine giggles this past week.  When days get a bit overwhelming I just look at my phone and stop for a minute to enjoy these little gifts.

For all that have little treasures in your life - stop and give them a hug!  It will make everyone feel good!

Remember - SMILE always,

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fun to finish....

I don't know about you but I love to finish things.  I am a list maker and find great joy in crossing things of my list.  I am also one that will add to the list just for the satisfaction of crossing it off - cheating??? I don't thinks so :)

I tried to complete a project from Primitive Quilts and Projects designed by Kathy Cardiff.  I thought since I was working with her at Market it would be nice to have a project I had completed.  It never happened!  I just had a million things to do , places to go and excuses galore!

Well I finished it - I so wanted to cross it off my project list!!

It was fun to make and is a great "handwork" project.

 Here is the inside.  It has a nice large pocket, a place for small scissors and a pin keep. 

Three choices - 

I usually just put everything in a little tupper and I probably still will but it was nice to complete - remember the list :)

Now, I am in the process of cleaning my house today but just decided I had to stop and share this with you.  I better get back to the cleaning and yes - I have a list.  Two rooms down and many more to go....
By the end of the day I will have another list to through away....
Enjoy your week-end wherever you live.  It is a beautiful day here in San Diego :)

Remember - SMILE always,