Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another beautiful day....

Have I said 100 times or more how much I love summer and warm days?  Well, let me tell you again today.  For me, there is something so special about a day that starts with a warm sun very early.  Here in San Diego we have these things called "May gray and June gloom"...I really am challenged with both of these.  All it really means is that the sun is not to be seen until mid-day or even later during these two months. Not my cup of tea!!!
and clock work, it gets close to July and low and behold - the sun is up and out very early!  This morning I went out in my backyard with a coffee and just felt the warm sun start it's day!  I love it! The sun is one of my best friends :)
I also checked Facebook and look what I found posted by a friend...It says it all about summer and sunshine...

We don't experience any rain from now until the end of the year so I cherich each of these days It is nice to be so happy with such a small thing like sunshine but I have a daughter and she and her family are living in the Seattle area!  I know she would love to have a few of these days...I wilsh I could send them her way!

Well enough about my sunshine story.  I wanted to also share something I love but have not been engaged with for a while.  My "Pocket Dreams".. These were little girls with simple style but I had a big dream for them.  I got sidetracked but they may just surface again soon.  They have big hearts and the plan was for them to be the keeper of big dreams!  Meet my friends...

Well....enough for today...I am getting ready for a class this afternoon.  It is the Sampler class I have previewed before. Better get busy!

Have a day full of sunshine!

Remember - SMILE always -

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  1. Let's hear more about these friends that hold your secrets! I thought I was one of those people, but my hair looks different from them!!