Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fun to finish....

I don't know about you but I love to finish things.  I am a list maker and find great joy in crossing things of my list.  I am also one that will add to the list just for the satisfaction of crossing it off - cheating??? I don't thinks so :)

I tried to complete a project from Primitive Quilts and Projects designed by Kathy Cardiff.  I thought since I was working with her at Market it would be nice to have a project I had completed.  It never happened!  I just had a million things to do , places to go and excuses galore!

Well I finished it - I so wanted to cross it off my project list!!

It was fun to make and is a great "handwork" project.

 Here is the inside.  It has a nice large pocket, a place for small scissors and a pin keep. 

Three choices - 

I usually just put everything in a little tupper and I probably still will but it was nice to complete - remember the list :)

Now, I am in the process of cleaning my house today but just decided I had to stop and share this with you.  I better get back to the cleaning and yes - I have a list.  Two rooms down and many more to go....
By the end of the day I will have another list to through away....
Enjoy your week-end wherever you live.  It is a beautiful day here in San Diego :)

Remember - SMILE always,