Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So easily distracted :)

Hi everyone,

I have just been a very poor blogger - no excuses... so let's move on!

Two weeks ago I started a new project and cut several pieces of fabric. I was not smiling with the selection but moved forward anyway.  Result - put the entire project in a baggie and started over. Did you ever do this :)
Then last week I saw a picture of a quilt in a book and it did get me thinking, that it might be fun to do! So,...another project started! As always,  I have the need to do scrappy...but this time I chose to do scrappy with just one color - BLUE...  It has been fun to do.  I know the finished project it not right around the corner but the energy is with me to get closer each day.

Take a peek!

It is  scrappyblue but most fabrics are gray-blue!

The squares are made with 9 patch and squares.  Here is the beginning of building the 9 patch blocks!

 I will keep you posted with my progress....stay tuned!

Now...a little picture story that makes me laugh.  I know we have all been here either as mommy's or Grammy's. Bet you will smile also!

Outside  playing in the Seattle sunshine - doesn't happen very ofter :(

Our first "double knee" oops!

All better and loving the band-aids!!
 Just a little fun spot in life...when they are far away these pictures mean everything!  Cooper has recovered... and oh yes - Emma is getting so big!  She will visit my blog very soon. 

Hope you are glad to see me back :)  I have enjoyed being here today myself.  It is summer time with so much to do and enjoy each day.  Lots ahead in this household also!  I will keep you posted!

Remember - SMILE always'

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