Monday, June 4, 2012

Things that make me giggle...

I could be posting a quilt I am starting or I could be posting some great tip that I might know (not real sure I have one )....but I have decided to share the giggles I have had recently.

This past week my daughter must have been a bit bored (I wonder how with two little ones) but she got very busy with her camera! We love it when she does this because in the middle of the day my hubby and I get a new picture that puts all the days activities into perspective.
 We hate being so far away (San Diego and Seattle) but at least we do everything possible like SKYPE, photos and phone conversations.  Cooper sometimes is not at all interested in a conversation but when you are almost 4 you have a very busy life!

Emma gave us her very first SMILE....take a peek!

Emma 6 - weeks old! She is sooooo cute!

Now at the same time mommy got this very funny picture of Cooper.  He is a character!!  We are wondering about the hat and notice the rain boots.  I will have to ask him where he got the hat. I know he loves to wear his boots - easy to put on :)!  The only thing missing - his adorable glasses....

Our little Cooper!

Now a little brother got a new little sister and has had a bit of a challenge welcoming her crying into his life. looks as if he has found the solution and is more that happy to replace the pacifier when it falls out!  A win - win for both :)

Big brother to the rescue!

So, as you can see I had a few very fine giggles this past week.  When days get a bit overwhelming I just look at my phone and stop for a minute to enjoy these little gifts.

For all that have little treasures in your life - stop and give them a hug!  It will make everyone feel good!

Remember - SMILE always,

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