Thursday, July 26, 2012

I love baskets!

Happy Thursday all,

I have always had a love affair with baskets and is a family joke!  My husband will never understand whey I think I need so many of each but I just smile and tell him I have no real justification but I love both things!!!
I had a birthday a few weeks ago and well before the day I shared with him a basket I found on Etsy that would be the perfect gift.  I sent him the link, as I have for many other things, and I thought it would just end up in his deleted junk mail.  NOT....he got it for me and was I surprised....:)
Now...the basket was  intended to carry quilting "stuff" to class or to quilting session with friends. Once I received it I realized it was very large and although beautiful, it would not work for its intended use...I was hesitant to tell him it was too large.  You know those times you ask for something and then it's not what you thought it was but don't want to hurt feelings....well, I did told him and he just smiled and said...."well just get another one!!!!  So....I did!

This is how my Etsy relationship started with Joanna's Collections.  She makes beautiful baskets.  I contacted her and explained my dilemma....I loved the two handled basket my honey got me but it was larger than I needed.  After a short lesson (from Joanna) about basket measurements I placed the order to get the size I needed. She make it specifically for me. It arrived in no time and was exactly what I wanted :)

Let me share the two baskets...

This is the has a nice spot in my family room and I plan on keeping it filled with seasonal flowers. 
I love this...plenty large enough to carry what I need.  It's deep and holds so much!  Again, I love the double handles!

So, please,  visit Joanna Collections.  I have two more baskets I have selected for my next order :)You can tell her jayne said to visit!
One more thing....
I told you a few posts ago that I have started working at the Country Loft. I love it!!!!  We have a blog that is really worth visiting regularly. Country Loft Blog.  This past Saturday was the 27th anniversary of the store.  Take a look and see what fun we had.  Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think.  There may even be something for you if you do :) Please put us on your "regular" list and check back often!

Well,  I have a class to get ready for and finish a few chores before I leave.  I do hope you enjoy your day and find something fun to do - QUILT!!!!!

Remember - SMILE always,

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun things...

There are many things in life that just make me smile...grand kids, good food, a sunny day, a freshly made cake, a new outfit, a Sunday afternoon ride with my honey and new PT job at my local quilt shop :).  What better way to spend a few productive hours each week. than helping in the quilt shop that you visit all the time anyway!!!
Some of you live in the San Diego area so you know all about the "Country Loft" for those that are not here let me tell you about this wonderful little spot. 
The Loft (as we call it) is a small house that sits in a beautiful area of San Diego called. La Mesa.  La Mesa and the Loft both have such character and warmth....wish you could visit.

This little store is home to two designers that I am sure you know.   JAM - (JoAnn Mullaly) of Wool Crazy fame and The Cottage at Cardiff Farms - (Kathy Cardiff). the designer of Cottage Pockets. It is fun to  be around when they bring new items they have created and share with all the local quilters.

This little house (well, the shed in the back yard) is home to some beautiful antiques that are for sale.  Sharon (the owner) and her husband take wonderful trips out into middle America to find such great treasures.  They blog the trip each time they go so check in at see some of the previous journeys. Not sure when the next trip is planned!

Our little spot is Primitive, you won't find "brights" here but it is what the Loft is know for and there is a very large following of quilters that visit often.
The Loft also carries many primitive gifts for all occasions.  Kathy (the manager) is the best at decorating!   You should see what she does to this little store.  It is just fun to see!

I love the Loft and I am thrilled to work there now as well.  Not sure there is anything better than to spend time with great friends all doing what we love to do!! That is what the Loft is all about!

Must get going but first let me share a few pictures from the Country Loft....
The front door - makes you happy before you even enter!

  The backyard - fun and full of little treasures!

We even have a back porch!  See the delivery?  Wonder whats inside?

The famous "Shed" - home to many fabulous antiques!  By the way - inside the Loft is also full of beautiful antiques!

Antiques, antiques and more antiques...

Another SMILE for me that sits out back!

Hope you enjoyed...another day I will take you on an inside tour..until then....

Remember - SMILE always,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Celebration of a great birthday... 4th of July....

I do hope all of you have had or are having a great 4th of July....

San Diego did not bring us the beautiful sunny day we have come to expect.  My hubby and I set out for a beautiful spot in San Diego called Shelter Island. A beautiful harbor in our city that is just so peaceful it was cloudy, chilly and packed with folks that got up early to celebrate this great day way ahead of us!
I do not do well bundled up in long pants and sweatshirts on July 4th but I gave it my best shot :)  We took a nice walk along the waters edge and since it was so crowded we got back in the car for a new destination!

My sweet husband knows all the back roads and where we could find a bit of sunshine - yup - Cuyamaca lake just east of San Diego...the ride alone is beautiful but the destination was just the perfect spot.  It was not crowded, the sun was shining and the surrounding sights were wonderful.  We picked our spot and set up our little place of comfort on sat down to enjoy.

Take a look at where we were!

It is a beautiful area.  This lake has paddle boats (we have been on them several times), little row boats, and small power boats to go fishing.

We found a great little spot to set up.  I made lunch and we had a little glass of wine....we also took our two beach chairs and out little picnic table - a perfect day :)

 Here I am fixing lunch - it was so windy and we had a few things fly away but all in! Can't go out without my Popchips!!!!

It didn't take my honey any time at all to decide what he was going to do all afternoon!

This was a perfect place to take my camera....beautiful shots in all directions!! If you look up in the hills you can see the fire damage from several years ago...all the gray timber is a reminder how fire season can be so devastating ....

The lake is peaceful....and as you can see...not crowded!

Everyone enjoyed the day....

I love it here...

We camp in this area but this week-end we did not camp.  I am glad it was so dreary at Shelter Island and so crowded...I got to have this beautiful day instead...

Hope your day is as peaceful as mine has been.  Now we wait for the fireworks.  From our home up on this hill we can see several firework displays!!! 

Happy 4th of July....and let tomorrow bring you even more joy!

Remember - SMILE always,