Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fun things...

There are many things in life that just make me smile...grand kids, good food, a sunny day, a freshly made cake, a new outfit, a Sunday afternoon ride with my honey and new PT job at my local quilt shop :).  What better way to spend a few productive hours each week. than helping in the quilt shop that you visit all the time anyway!!!
Some of you live in the San Diego area so you know all about the "Country Loft" for those that are not here let me tell you about this wonderful little spot. 
The Loft (as we call it) is a small house that sits in a beautiful area of San Diego called. La Mesa.  La Mesa and the Loft both have such character and warmth....wish you could visit.

This little store is home to two designers that I am sure you know.   JAM - (JoAnn Mullaly) of Wool Crazy fame and The Cottage at Cardiff Farms - (Kathy Cardiff). the designer of Cottage Pockets. It is fun to  be around when they bring new items they have created and share with all the local quilters.

This little house (well, the shed in the back yard) is home to some beautiful antiques that are for sale.  Sharon (the owner) and her husband take wonderful trips out into middle America to find such great treasures.  They blog the trip each time they go so check in at see some of the previous journeys. Not sure when the next trip is planned!

Our little spot is Primitive, you won't find "brights" here but it is what the Loft is know for and there is a very large following of quilters that visit often.
The Loft also carries many primitive gifts for all occasions.  Kathy (the manager) is the best at decorating!   You should see what she does to this little store.  It is just fun to see!

I love the Loft and I am thrilled to work there now as well.  Not sure there is anything better than to spend time with great friends all doing what we love to do!! That is what the Loft is all about!

Must get going but first let me share a few pictures from the Country Loft....
The front door - makes you happy before you even enter!

  The backyard - fun and full of little treasures!

We even have a back porch!  See the delivery?  Wonder whats inside?

The famous "Shed" - home to many fabulous antiques!  By the way - inside the Loft is also full of beautiful antiques!

Antiques, antiques and more antiques...

Another SMILE for me that sits out back!

Hope you enjoyed...another day I will take you on an inside tour..until then....

Remember - SMILE always,

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