Thursday, July 26, 2012

I love baskets!

Happy Thursday all,

I have always had a love affair with baskets and is a family joke!  My husband will never understand whey I think I need so many of each but I just smile and tell him I have no real justification but I love both things!!!
I had a birthday a few weeks ago and well before the day I shared with him a basket I found on Etsy that would be the perfect gift.  I sent him the link, as I have for many other things, and I thought it would just end up in his deleted junk mail.  NOT....he got it for me and was I surprised....:)
Now...the basket was  intended to carry quilting "stuff" to class or to quilting session with friends. Once I received it I realized it was very large and although beautiful, it would not work for its intended use...I was hesitant to tell him it was too large.  You know those times you ask for something and then it's not what you thought it was but don't want to hurt feelings....well, I did told him and he just smiled and said...."well just get another one!!!!  So....I did!

This is how my Etsy relationship started with Joanna's Collections.  She makes beautiful baskets.  I contacted her and explained my dilemma....I loved the two handled basket my honey got me but it was larger than I needed.  After a short lesson (from Joanna) about basket measurements I placed the order to get the size I needed. She make it specifically for me. It arrived in no time and was exactly what I wanted :)

Let me share the two baskets...

This is the has a nice spot in my family room and I plan on keeping it filled with seasonal flowers. 
I love this...plenty large enough to carry what I need.  It's deep and holds so much!  Again, I love the double handles!

So, please,  visit Joanna Collections.  I have two more baskets I have selected for my next order :)You can tell her jayne said to visit!
One more thing....
I told you a few posts ago that I have started working at the Country Loft. I love it!!!!  We have a blog that is really worth visiting regularly. Country Loft Blog.  This past Saturday was the 27th anniversary of the store.  Take a look and see what fun we had.  Be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think.  There may even be something for you if you do :) Please put us on your "regular" list and check back often!

Well,  I have a class to get ready for and finish a few chores before I leave.  I do hope you enjoy your day and find something fun to do - QUILT!!!!!

Remember - SMILE always,

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