Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Opening chaos...

I just wanted to share a few photos of the opening minutes of our quilt show!  I was taking pictures and trust me, I quickly backed up for protection :)

It was all in fun but since many had been waiting in line for a few hours they were on a mission!
Nothing better than a quilt show and sale!!!!!
Now for a few quilts from the backyard.  Students and friends of the Loft do beautiful work.  I will share a few today and will continue to share as the days go by.  Hope you enjoy!
This picture doesn't do justice to this quilt but trust me - it is beautiful.  It is all wool and it is a selection of Kathy Cardiff mats. 
This is just fun and makes me SMILE....not a Halloween person but this is tempting :)
:Love, these quilts...I have not done one yet but so tempted!
Whimsical and fun...It's fun to see these being make. Each little creature comes to life in the process of the class....they certainly are happy little friends!
Hope I didn't share more than you wanted but I love letting everyone see what we do!!
Off to work on a few projects I have going.  Hope you are doing the same...
Until I come back to visit you again....
Remember - SMILE always...

Sunday, August 26, 2012


What a fun day - the Country Loft Quilt sale and show has concluded for 2012!  What a success!!!!

I can't even begin to tell you the fun I had yesterday!  So many quilts and so many eager friends buying for such a great cause!  It was truly a "feel good" time!

I will share over the next few blogs the days events.  For now, lets start with the set up.  What a great team process.  I am the "newbie"  so I followed directions well - at least I think I did :)

The front yard was for the sale and the backyard was the sharing area.  The sharing area  are projects made during the year by friends that take classes throughout the year.

Backyard -  Sharon the owner  (left) and Kathy the manager sure keep things moving to get all ready.  They are a great team and trust me - leave no detail undone!

Backyard - Colleen and I hanging quilts.  Colleen was a pro and I did what I was told!  Couldn't do this event without much laughter!!!!
Backyard - Sharon made sure that every inch of yard was ready to display items!
Our classroom was the center of activity.  The girls knew exactly what was going where.  Glad that wasn't my job :)
FY set up - Tina has been doing this for some time and I can tell you she knows exactly what needs to be done.  She is here setting up the sale area.  Tina is part of the "Sit and Stitch" group that meets weekly to get all the goodies made and ready for sale.  More on this amazing group down the road!
These were the "very" early girls that had been waiting for some time.  Not 10am yet but trust me, this line will grow.

The set up is as much fun as the actual sale.  I will share more tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed seeing this and if you live in the area and came to visit  - we hope you had a great time.  For those far away - maybe a trip to San Diego next August should get put on your bucket list!!
Have a great Sunday!
Until later ---
Remember - SMILE always...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A big week....

First of all - I think today we are finally going to have a day below 90 degrees!  I love the heat but this has been a bit much even for me!

We're going to have a very busy week at the Country Loft.  The girls are getting ready for our big Quilt Show  this Saturday  and it is quite the process to get ready.  The sale is called "Sew for the Cure" and all proceeds go to the American Home Sewing Associations Sew for the Cure and the Susan G. Koman Foundation.  It is well known and friends come from all over and wait in line for some time until we open the doors.  I will share pictures next week!
The front yard are quilts and other items for sale and the back yard is a "show and tell" from all the great customers and students we have. I am really looking forward to being a part of it this year as the newest employee :)!

Not only is the Quilt Show this week-end but the store is all set for fall.  Our newest class schedule will be available and the Loft is fall ready!!!!  Take a look!

The mantel in the front room!
We always have a table in this spot and look at how fun it is for fall!

I love these little guys sitting in the highchair :)

So...we have wonderful fabric, great classes and teachers and even the best gifts you can find!!

Will post more pictures next week.  For right now - I am teaching a class fir the fall schedule so I better go get my sample done!

Have a productive day but most of all....

Remember - SMILE always...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where to keep my quilts...

I don't know about you but I have many quilts in my sewing room but nothing around  the rest of my home.  I am not a big lover of hanging quilts on walls but I hated that they were never seen. Small pieces I use on table tops or my dining room table but if you came to visit and I told you I quilted you would think I was telling a big story because there were none to be see....

The good and bad for working at the Country Loft :)  there are so many great pieces (remember, we have antiques) and so many fun displays that it gets me thinking of new ideas for my own home. It also allows me to find new ways to spend what I earn...ha ha, ha.! is a treasure that was in our shed at the Loft, I always thought it was so beautiful and then one day I had an idea....get it and put quilts in it for my family room!!!!! I did!

I love it! It just fit in this little spot!

It holds alot! 

It just fits and I love, love, love having it in sight all the time!

Remember my baskets?  Well I found another place to display some of the smaller little pieces I have done.  They are also in the same room.
Believe me, seeing your work is always a motivation to get another complete!

So...I have shared a bit of  me and my thought process...we only grow and change for the better each day!  I love that about life!

Can't wait to share my next "purchase" from the Country Loft  Will be checking size and color today!  Stay tuned :)

Have a great day and try something new!  We can only surprise ourselves :)

Remember - SMILE always...

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where does the time go?

It seems it was just yesterday I started to make plans for the "family" to all arrive here in San Diego for a visit and now....they are all home and the fun is just memories.
Nothing better than a house full of laughter and joy!  The little ones are so much fun and the "big ones" enjoy some laughter as well. We had a super time!  Take a peek....

Emma with her new "friend" Sophie...
                     She loved it because she could hold the neck and chew the ear :)  

Ryder and Cooper resting a bit during the trip to the Animal Park...they had such a good time!
Cooper is the one with the hat and the adorable glasses :)

and...a trip to the Lego store and lunch  with Grammy & Papa!
A fun time for all....

So the house is empty and the kitchen is clean all the time but we miss them...we will just look forward to our next visit and we will SKYPE as always.  Love SKYPE!!!!

Now, my sewing room is no longer a bedroom and it is just screaming for me to get busy in there.  Today, I will do just that.  It is funny when we can sew all day we look for ways to escape and when you can't get to your miss it!!! Go figure :)

Next week is the big annual Quilt Show at the Country Loft!!!!  More to follow on this topic very soon....
Have a fun day and get lots done! I will be very busy catching up!

Remember - SMILE always...

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I have been on a mission to get EVERYTHING that needs to be completed - completed!  Well,  I still have a few (or maybe more than a few) that still stare at me each day but  I am happy to say that I had two quilts that needed binding and last night I put the last stitch in the quilt!   I love hand stitching the binding on the quilt,  the challenge is getting it ready and sewn on.  It is like a chore that keeps reminding me to get busy :) and I ignore it as long as I can.  Not sure why we do this because another completed quilt is a great feeling!

This was a class I took last year from Kathy Cardiff. I enjoyed using a color scheme but I really enjoyed using scraps to make the nine patches. This was quilted by Colleen she does great work and I like simple old fashioned quilting.  She gives me the desired look every time!!.  More about her to come soon...:)

There are still a few things to hand quilt - a table runner and a small table topper.  Those are on my list to get completed in the next week or two.  Will see :)....

Remember I told you I was now working at the Country Loft part time....well I am loving it!!!  A new book came out recently "A Day at Sunny Brook" by Maggie Bonanomi. Several of us are making projects from the book and they will be displayed in the store very soon.  I will keep you posted on that but in the mean time - take a look at the pillow I just finished!  I really love it! Primitive but fun.

To keep up with all we are doing at the Loft please visit out blog often.  We will be posting regularly and don't want you to miss anything!!

I have all my family coming home next week so I have lots to do.  Can't wait to hug the little ones - Ryder, Cooper and yes, our newest addition Emma!  I will post a few pictures later on. A house full of family is a "GOOD THING"....

Have a super day and enjoy whatever you are doing!

Remember - SMILE always....