Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Opening chaos...

I just wanted to share a few photos of the opening minutes of our quilt show!  I was taking pictures and trust me, I quickly backed up for protection :)

It was all in fun but since many had been waiting in line for a few hours they were on a mission!
Nothing better than a quilt show and sale!!!!!
Now for a few quilts from the backyard.  Students and friends of the Loft do beautiful work.  I will share a few today and will continue to share as the days go by.  Hope you enjoy!
This picture doesn't do justice to this quilt but trust me - it is beautiful.  It is all wool and it is a selection of Kathy Cardiff mats. 
This is just fun and makes me SMILE....not a Halloween person but this is tempting :)
:Love, these quilts...I have not done one yet but so tempted!
Whimsical and fun...It's fun to see these being make. Each little creature comes to life in the process of the class....they certainly are happy little friends!
Hope I didn't share more than you wanted but I love letting everyone see what we do!!
Off to work on a few projects I have going.  Hope you are doing the same...
Until I come back to visit you again....
Remember - SMILE always...

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  1. Love them ... show me more!! Your photos are great.