Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where does the time go?

It seems it was just yesterday I started to make plans for the "family" to all arrive here in San Diego for a visit and now....they are all home and the fun is just memories.
Nothing better than a house full of laughter and joy!  The little ones are so much fun and the "big ones" enjoy some laughter as well. We had a super time!  Take a peek....

Emma with her new "friend" Sophie...
                     She loved it because she could hold the neck and chew the ear :)  

Ryder and Cooper resting a bit during the trip to the Animal Park...they had such a good time!
Cooper is the one with the hat and the adorable glasses :)

and...a trip to the Lego store and lunch  with Grammy & Papa!
A fun time for all....

So the house is empty and the kitchen is clean all the time but we miss them...we will just look forward to our next visit and we will SKYPE as always.  Love SKYPE!!!!

Now, my sewing room is no longer a bedroom and it is just screaming for me to get busy in there.  Today, I will do just that.  It is funny when we can sew all day we look for ways to escape and when you can't get to your miss it!!! Go figure :)

Next week is the big annual Quilt Show at the Country Loft!!!!  More to follow on this topic very soon....
Have a fun day and get lots done! I will be very busy catching up!

Remember - SMILE always...

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