Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where to keep my quilts...

I don't know about you but I have many quilts in my sewing room but nothing around  the rest of my home.  I am not a big lover of hanging quilts on walls but I hated that they were never seen. Small pieces I use on table tops or my dining room table but if you came to visit and I told you I quilted you would think I was telling a big story because there were none to be see....

The good and bad for working at the Country Loft :)  there are so many great pieces (remember, we have antiques) and so many fun displays that it gets me thinking of new ideas for my own home. It also allows me to find new ways to spend what I earn...ha ha, ha.! is a treasure that was in our shed at the Loft, I always thought it was so beautiful and then one day I had an idea....get it and put quilts in it for my family room!!!!! I did!

I love it! It just fit in this little spot!

It holds alot! 

It just fits and I love, love, love having it in sight all the time!

Remember my baskets?  Well I found another place to display some of the smaller little pieces I have done.  They are also in the same room.
Believe me, seeing your work is always a motivation to get another complete!

So...I have shared a bit of  me and my thought process...we only grow and change for the better each day!  I love that about life!

Can't wait to share my next "purchase" from the Country Loft  Will be checking size and color today!  Stay tuned :)

Have a great day and try something new!  We can only surprise ourselves :)

Remember - SMILE always...

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