Sunday, August 26, 2012


What a fun day - the Country Loft Quilt sale and show has concluded for 2012!  What a success!!!!

I can't even begin to tell you the fun I had yesterday!  So many quilts and so many eager friends buying for such a great cause!  It was truly a "feel good" time!

I will share over the next few blogs the days events.  For now, lets start with the set up.  What a great team process.  I am the "newbie"  so I followed directions well - at least I think I did :)

The front yard was for the sale and the backyard was the sharing area.  The sharing area  are projects made during the year by friends that take classes throughout the year.

Backyard -  Sharon the owner  (left) and Kathy the manager sure keep things moving to get all ready.  They are a great team and trust me - leave no detail undone!

Backyard - Colleen and I hanging quilts.  Colleen was a pro and I did what I was told!  Couldn't do this event without much laughter!!!!
Backyard - Sharon made sure that every inch of yard was ready to display items!
Our classroom was the center of activity.  The girls knew exactly what was going where.  Glad that wasn't my job :)
FY set up - Tina has been doing this for some time and I can tell you she knows exactly what needs to be done.  She is here setting up the sale area.  Tina is part of the "Sit and Stitch" group that meets weekly to get all the goodies made and ready for sale.  More on this amazing group down the road!
These were the "very" early girls that had been waiting for some time.  Not 10am yet but trust me, this line will grow.

The set up is as much fun as the actual sale.  I will share more tomorrow.  Hope you enjoyed seeing this and if you live in the area and came to visit  - we hope you had a great time.  For those far away - maybe a trip to San Diego next August should get put on your bucket list!!
Have a great Sunday!
Until later ---
Remember - SMILE always...

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