Thursday, September 20, 2012

My bit of sunshine!!!

Good morning all...
I just wanted to share a "happy moment" with you.  As most of you know, my daughter and her family live in Seattle so we don't get much face time with our little treasures - Cooper & Emma.  They were with us in August but oh how they change in just days.

My daughter is great about Skyping and sending pictures.  Last night I got a new picture that really made me miss them even more - if possible!!!! 

Take a peek....
Cooper is really getting into entertaining Emma.  He now realizes she is more than a little thing that took time away from him :)  and he is so enjoying her.
We miss them so but we are also so pleased we get to share some of these great shots!!

Hope we all have a great day today and if you have little ones - give them a hug even if they are far away!

Remember - SMILE always...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh where oh where have I been....

Each day I tell myself I will post on my know the rest of the story :)

It is getting close to starting Christmas goodies so some of what I am doing I will not share but I have two things I will tell you about!

This past Saturday I taught my first class at the Country Loft.  I had taught many, many years ago but this was my first shot as a new teacher at the Loft.

"Christmas Table Runner"
It was a pattern I did last year around Christmas. 
I had just a couple of students but that was just right for my first class.  Both were great gals which made it fun but I was also able to check my directions - worked pretty good!! 
Colleen's fabric selection
Wish I had tons of pictures - I took my camera but left the "card" at home in the computer. I was not happy with myself!!!  I will try to get completed projects to share but this is one shot I took with my phone.  Notice the fabric selection - not at all like mine but it was fun to watch it grow.
Here is my first pattern....they went to the store today.  We also made a few kits.  Our friends at the Loft just love kits.
Not the best picture but you get the idea...
So my second thing to share - remember waaaaaay back......I was working on a sampler?  It has continued since January.  Well,  this last class just got me...paper piecing curved edges, baskets and STRESS!!!!! I did complete my six blocks for the month but it took some support from others in the class.  The good thing - I will have a completed quilt that I know has a great story to tell :) by the end of the year....

25 of 30 complete!!!!
I have been fighting with Picasa all afternoon so my day is just about at the "get dinner" started time!  I love having a nice meal for my "best friend" when he gets home so I better get busy.
Things will settle a bit, I think.... so I will be back soon.  Until I do enjoy your cooler weather if you are having any, we will deal with the heat here in San Diego for a little while longer if we must!
I read on a post today - "I slowed to a wander on Sunday. It felt good to be so lazy and slow."
Maybe we should all try it!  Until next time...
Remember - SMILE always...

Thursday, September 6, 2012

A final few.....

I wanted to show a few last pictures from our quilt show at the Country Loft.  People are still talking about our success.  Just to share...we brought in about $10,000 for our charity, breast cancer research.  I would say that was very successful!!!

The last few pictures are again, from our students and Loft friends....take a peek!

I love baskets!
This is a popular pattern and what I love about it is - fabric selection changes it completely!
I love this and look at all the work!!
This is one I did...just had to share :)
and finally!!!!  our little mascot Reed.  He visits us often and the day wouldn't have been complete without him!! His Mum Mum works at the loft so he visits us often...what a joy he is!
 Love you Reed :)
So that's the end of my pictures for this year.  I am working on several projects right now but most I cant share because I don"t want to give away my secrets. 
I will be teaching  my first class in a few weeks at the loft and I need to get a material list done for the store.  Guess I better get busy!
Enjoy your day and find something fun to do....that is my plan!
Remember - SMILE always...