Thursday, September 6, 2012

A final few.....

I wanted to show a few last pictures from our quilt show at the Country Loft.  People are still talking about our success.  Just to share...we brought in about $10,000 for our charity, breast cancer research.  I would say that was very successful!!!

The last few pictures are again, from our students and Loft friends....take a peek!

I love baskets!
This is a popular pattern and what I love about it is - fabric selection changes it completely!
I love this and look at all the work!!
This is one I did...just had to share :)
and finally!!!!  our little mascot Reed.  He visits us often and the day wouldn't have been complete without him!! His Mum Mum works at the loft so he visits us often...what a joy he is!
 Love you Reed :)
So that's the end of my pictures for this year.  I am working on several projects right now but most I cant share because I don"t want to give away my secrets. 
I will be teaching  my first class in a few weeks at the loft and I need to get a material list done for the store.  Guess I better get busy!
Enjoy your day and find something fun to do....that is my plan!
Remember - SMILE always...

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