Thursday, September 20, 2012

My bit of sunshine!!!

Good morning all...
I just wanted to share a "happy moment" with you.  As most of you know, my daughter and her family live in Seattle so we don't get much face time with our little treasures - Cooper & Emma.  They were with us in August but oh how they change in just days.

My daughter is great about Skyping and sending pictures.  Last night I got a new picture that really made me miss them even more - if possible!!!! 

Take a peek....
Cooper is really getting into entertaining Emma.  He now realizes she is more than a little thing that took time away from him :)  and he is so enjoying her.
We miss them so but we are also so pleased we get to share some of these great shots!!

Hope we all have a great day today and if you have little ones - give them a hug even if they are far away!

Remember - SMILE always...

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  1. that is a cute picture jayne. you are really lucky to have 2 cute grandchildren... kim