Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh where oh where have I been....

Each day I tell myself I will post on my blog....you know the rest of the story :)

It is getting close to starting Christmas goodies so some of what I am doing I will not share but I have two things I will tell you about!

This past Saturday I taught my first class at the Country Loft.  I had taught many, many years ago but this was my first shot as a new teacher at the Loft.

"Christmas Table Runner"
It was a pattern I did last year around Christmas. 
I had just a couple of students but that was just right for my first class.  Both were great gals which made it fun but I was also able to check my directions - worked pretty good!! 
Colleen's fabric selection
Wish I had tons of pictures - I took my camera but left the "card" at home in the computer. I was not happy with myself!!!  I will try to get completed projects to share but this is one shot I took with my phone.  Notice the fabric selection - not at all like mine but it was fun to watch it grow.
Here is my first pattern....they went to the store today.  We also made a few kits.  Our friends at the Loft just love kits.
Not the best picture but you get the idea...
So my second thing to share - remember waaaaaay back......I was working on a sampler?  It has continued since January.  Well,  this last class just got me...paper piecing curved edges, baskets and STRESS!!!!! I did complete my six blocks for the month but it took some support from others in the class.  The good thing - I will have a completed quilt that I know has a great story to tell :) by the end of the year....

25 of 30 complete!!!!
I have been fighting with Picasa all afternoon so my day is just about at the "get dinner" started time!  I love having a nice meal for my "best friend" when he gets home so I better get busy.
Things will settle a bit, I think.... so I will be back soon.  Until I do enjoy your cooler weather if you are having any, we will deal with the heat here in San Diego for a little while longer if we must!
I read on a post today - "I slowed to a wander on Sunday. It felt good to be so lazy and slow."
Maybe we should all try it!  Until next time...
Remember - SMILE always...

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