Thursday, November 1, 2012

Busy, busy, busy....

Happy November 1st....where does the time go? 

The days just fly...I wish I had more hours in a day and at least one "FREE" day a week to catch up :)

As you know, I have been working on a sampler this entire year.  My last post shows all but one block completed.  We have one class to go and it is then ready to put together.  My problem,  I got this far and decided I didn't like the fabric selection I was using....It has blues, browns and a pop of cheddar.  I intended to sash with gold and do a piano border of all my fabrics.  Just couldn't do it.  Instead of bagging it up and forgetting about it (have you ever done that with a project?) I played with it for several weeks and have decided that the border will change to  something simple and the colors will change to blues.

These pictures don't help you see but I do like it and believe it will be OK.  This project will not get completed until  January but I will finish it!!!!
Now...another project I am doing and again not sure I like it!  Am I having a quilters challenge?  For some reason I can't decide what colors I like - darks, lights, or what!!
These next two pictures are a pattern by Geoff's mom.  I loved the pattern but again I am faced with a challenge...squared up or on point?  What do you think?

This one will be just fine once quilted but my visual in planning is not what I created :)
Oh patient with yourself jayne...
Now what am I sure about....these little munchkins bring all the joy I need in lucky we are!!!!
Cooper our fireman and Emma our little ladybug!!!! She is not to sure about this Halloween thing but she is certainly doing her best :)
And last but not least....we have family back in CT and they did very well with Sandy.  For all those that face huge challenges we keep them in our hearts and prayers...
Have a great day everyone and no matter what....
Remember - SMILE always...
PS - will be back soon :)


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