Friday, November 2, 2012

Learned something today.... :-)

Remember yesterday I was just so frustrated with fabric selections?  I really thought I had lost the knack of putting fabrics together.

Today I went to a class given by a great quilt teacher.  The class was not a specific project but if you had taken a class from Catherine (the instructor) in the past and had questions or were stumped she welcomed you to come by for assistance  I am so glad I went!!!!!   It was just a "good thing".

She did answer the few questions I had relating to a pattern I was going to start right after the new year.  It was a class she taught at the Country Loft while I was working so I just got the pattern.  The extra help today was just what I needed!

BUT....the best part...I told her about my frustration with the quilt I had made (you saw it yesterday) and how unhappy I was with it.  She was familiar with the pattern and when I was telling her my sad story she asked a few questions...yes, I had used just a few fabrics, yes it looked blah and yes I didn't like it!
Her first comment -  (not quoting but this was the gist) well that is a scrappy pattern and the blocks are large so you lost the look of what it was intended to!!!! She was right - it was blah and putting it on point (which I considered) may have helped but the blah was still going to be there....

RESULT - I am taking the blocks apart and adding new fabrics (scrappy ones).  It won't be a total loss but I learned that others can really help when we get stumped!
I am anxious to change it - its fun to learn something and then correct it with what I've learned.

Take a look!

My finished blocks...
See the difference - why didn't I see it!!!
So, I look forward to getting this done and then liking it!  I will also enjoy taking the blocks apart - am I crazy - well, maybe a little but I am OK with that!
Hope you learned something "fun" is a good feeling!
Enjoy your week-end and....
Remeber - SMILE always...


  1. Your doing a great job and it is so nice to have people in our quilting community we can ask for help when we get stumped with something. Good luck and HAPPY QUILTING

  2. Love those blocks ... I thought you were talking about Sophie's quilt the other day when you said plain blocks ... why did I think that?