Monday, December 23, 2013

Wishing you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS....filled with joy, love, kindness and so many things to SMILE about!

Merry and Bright Free Printable

Looking forward to a new year for sure! But...taking the time to enjoy the season!


Remember, SMILE always....

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

To all my friends and bloggers out there I wish you a day full of love, laughter, yummy food and lots to SMILE about!

I want to take a moment today and stop and reflect on all I have and not all the other things that often clutter our lives! I will be thankful for all that brings me joy and say thank you for all of it!

Please have a great day and share a hug or a SMILE....

Thanks for being my friend!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

An old love...

I am falling in love with hand quilting again and loving it!  I taught a class a few weeks ago and it was such fun.
I have many older quilts I made (long before corporate America got in the way) and they are all hand quilted. Maybe it was a slower time in my life but I think I just enjoyed the old process of quilting. I love seeing all the new fancy quilt designs and I so admire those that do such beautiful work, but there is something about the needle, thimble, hoop and your quilt that I find so peaceful.

I have been following a few blogs where hand quilting is done and I love what I see.  I was really impressed with a comment I saw....It said "your quilting is like your handwriting".  This is so true.....
I have great memories of some specific handwriting's maybe I am doing the same with my quilting.
This is a piece I am working on now. I used a stencil and some freehand.

For this project I am quilting with Valdani  #12.  I love using this along with chenille #24 needles, a thin marking pen from clover and my best quilting tool ever - my thimble from years and years ago....
This project is "big stitch" and it goes so fast! I have also used variegated thread.
I love, love, love stitching....I will share a few more thoughts and projects again some time.
Le me know if you are a hand quilter - I would love to hear from you!!
Enjoy your week and stay warm if you are in all that cold weather I see on the news :)
Remember - SMILE always....

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What a success.....

The Country Loft had our yearly Christmas Open House this past Saturday,....Oh how I wish you could have come to was such a success and all our friends went  home with wonderful Christmas treasures....

We closed the shop on Friday so we could decorate "umpteen" trees and get the store ready for the great day on Saturday!!!! and what a great day it was :) For all of us that have the joy of working at the "Loft" we can truly say it is a very "special day" each year.

I will share the few picture I have.....not my best pictures but I hope you get the feel of all the joy!!!!

The front room is just full of trees and great treasures. This is where you enter our great shop!

 Another shot of the front room....

Each tree had a theme....

We never leave out the back yard....full of goodies :)

 Our shed is such a fun place....
Look inside ....more trees!

and inside more goodies.  The shed was a favorite spot for all our visitors!

Here is the gang that worked so hard to make the day a very special one!!!!
Susy, Tina, Donna, Kathy, Jayne, Sharon and Colleen....
What fun we had!!!!

Hope you enjoyed taking a peek....we do wish all our "Loft" friends could have been there but for now we wish all of you a very happy holiday season....

Have a great week....enjoy all that you do....I made cookies yesterday with a friend and I must say, it really felt like the season is upon us :) favorite time of the year :)

Remember...SMILE always....

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Some days are just fun.....

Maybe fall is almost here....

We have had a few cooler days here in San Diego and it has been nice!  When I say cool - I mean under 80 degrees :)  It does give you the feeling we are about to enter a cooler period here...I just love this time of year!!!

This past week-end we had the munchkins (with mommy and daddy) over for waffles and strawberries and then we all left for the Pumpkin Patch.

We went to one close by and a bit smaller than many but it was just perfect!!!!!
Little Emma did her best to pick her own pumpkin - so heavy!!

Now Cooper had fun with all the extra things to do!

It was such a fun little day thing to do.....The best part they both took home a pumpkin to carve with dad!

I said in the beginning that we have had a few fall like days but we have also had a few foggy mornings.  One  morning I looked out and saw this beautiful site.  We live" high upon the hill" and this is what it looked like from our window.  The valley was just beautiful!
I took so many pictures but this one shows the valley!

I'm really on a roll getting things done that I need for Christmas...My idea book is filling up with my new projects to hit after the first of the year.  Will share a few of them later.  
For today - I have a lunch date with Emma while her brother and mommy have lunch with mommy's brother!!!  I think a good day for all!!!

Hope you are all getting your projects done! The time is flying away :)

Until later....
Remember - SMILE always...

Friday, October 18, 2013

One of my favorite things :)

Happy Friday....

I am determined to post this today!  I don't want you thinking I got lost again ha-ha....
I have been trying to upload pictures to my Picassa account - all I will say is has not been pleasant, not productive and not successful I am using my phone to get a picture on this blog!!!!

Most days I love technology and then others...I hate technology....ever feel like this!!!
Now to my "share" for the day!

Pardon the lousy picture!

These are the best little tools.  They allow you to press open a seam so smooth and so flat. It also allows you to press a seam to one side but I haven't done that yet! I really wanted it for opening seams.  I don't do Jo Morton quilts but the gals that do just think this little tool is a must!!

It's a great new addition to my tool bucket and not expensive at all :)

So back to my sewing machine for a while and then a great week-end planned with the little munchkins!  Well, Sunday - I work tomorrow!  Have a great week-end!!!!

Remember SMILE always....

Friday, October 11, 2013

Little things....

Happy Friday, I'm back again!

This past week on our first rainy evening in San Diego in many months I spent my time finishing the binding on a quilt I made long ago...I blogged about it quite some time ago but don't remember when :)

It was a quilt I made many years ago and never finished.  It sat in a basket for such a long time and then last year I decided to pull it out and asked my friend Colleen at  Quilting Under The Sun to quilt it for me.  Not only is she a great Longarm quilter she is a great friend!!!!

It is a HUGE quilt.  One of those that we continue to make blocks for because we have a huge Cal King bed :) but never realizing the final size or the cost of quilting it would be astronomical  but I forged ahead and finished it

Well, since I finally finished the binding and it was raining, I immediately put it on our bed!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!!!'

It is truly a "scrap quilt".  I used what I had and it is so much fun to look at it and remember the fabrics and time in my life....ever do that????

But the great thrill....the quilting Colleen did....
  1. This is what made a simple quilt a great quilt!!!!
Look at a close up of her "signature" pattern.  It took a simple quilt to another level.  Even my husband loved it!!!

I am not a lover of fancy quilting on my simple quilts.  This however really brought it to life...even my husband acknowledged it this morning!!!!  "It is really cool"...thank you Colleen - you did an awesome job!!!!!  That's why I love you!!!!!well....not just your quilting skills :)

We are having a few cool days here in San Diego for early fall so off to bed to enjoy another night under my wonderful quilt!!

Remember - SMILE always....

Be back soon :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Back in July....

WOW... this summer has just vanished for me. 

My last post was when my daughter and her family were in the process of moving to San Diego from Seattle...I cant believe all that has happened and how time has just flown by!

We have had move in settling to do, the yearly "all" family visit, camping trips, birthdays, a little work,  a trip to Wisconsin to see our sons new home and just so many days that just went by so fast....I wouldn't give up any of the great events but truly my blog has been the short stick in the past several months!

But...I am back..... and today was the first full day of sewing I have done in a long time.  It was such a joy to be focused and setting goals to get things done. Oh how I love my quilting!!!!

Let me share a bit of the summer with you!

We invited the entire gang to join us and during a long week-end camping trip!
The ducks at Cuyamaca Lake were a big hit...we just love having the little munchkins close!
Each summer when the gang all comes home we take a family shot. As you can see very informal but we love having them!
One of our favorite summer things to do....UNPLUG and go camping!
Yup, tent camping....:)
A few projects.
The green and red "Weathervane" on the right is a pattern from 101 Small Quilts...I am teaching one each month.  This one is finished and I teach the class this Thursday.  The other project I found tucked away....all cut and ready to sew :)
So...I think it's time to get serious and stay focused on quilting, my blog and getting ready for all the exciting things that will happen the last few months of 20013!!!
So much to share but for tonight.... I just want to say I'm glad to be back and I hope you will stay tuned....
SMILE always...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Moving Day!

  Cooper says "let's get this show on the road" and Emma says ......"hey...what's going on here" 

Can't wait to see them!!! 

Hope you are having a great day!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

A few things to share....

FIRST - Happy Beleated 4th....
 just didn't want you to think I forgot about you but time....well you know about time :)

SECOND - I got Bloglovin' squared away and I am now an official member - notice the BL button on my home page! A little challenging but perseverance and good friends got me home on this one :)

I have finished a few smaller project...I'm not sure how this is happening but my foggy mind has settled a bit and finish lines are in site :)

You have seen this recently but it is now complete and ready to hand quilt!
A friend gave me a private applique class and I did well I believe..
I will back it today and then do my little stitches...

The small quilt to the right was just finished as well...will share it later....

The baggies in the storage box are ALL 16 blocks cut and ready to sew....its "Vicksburg" by "Bonnie Blue Quilts"  I have no recollection of when I cut them but this is a great find for me. I still like it, it's cut and ready to go and I started this morning.  I believe it was a quilt we had in the Country Loft at one time but I am thrilled to find it! I will work on it patiently but will keep in on my "finish" list!

Now...we all need encouragement and this is my little angel that looks down on me from the wall next to my machine.

My husband bought it for me in Temecula one day and I still love it!  Especially - the line that says "wear yellow shoes". Don't ask me why but it makes me SMILE....

So, we pick up my daughters dogs tomorrow - yes they are flying ahead of the family on Alaska air :) and then Tuesday afternoon (after the moving truck leaves) the gang starts the journey from Seattle to San Diego...We are so happy the time has come!
Hurry up Cooper and Emma :)

Well,  got to get back to the treasure in the box....hope you are having a wonderful long week-end with your families...they are the best!

Remember - SMILE always...

P.S. If you enjoy this little blog please take a minute and "follow me"...nothing happens, when you click the follow me button I promise :)  Thanks!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Time to catch up....

A little catch up today....

My little munchkins arrive in just over two week for at least 2 to three years :)  It is such a good feeling to say that!  We are soooooo ready to have them here.  Take a look - how could anyone not love these little faces :)

 Emma's first taste of watermelon ...
Cooper the pro....

I know - I am prejudice...but you must agree, they are cuties...

I have been busy quilting on current projects...I am so impressed with Thelma from "Cupcakes and Daisies"
She starts a project, is diligent to stay focused and then....she has a finished quilt!!!!!! I so wish I had a little more of that discipline in me :) She just posted one today that is great!!!

I am just about ready to put this little one together....from the book 101 Fabulous Little Quilts.  I will finish sewing the applique down today and then I can put it together - maybe small but a finish all the same...

I continue to work on my Smore's quilt from Jo Morton. I have about 20 little blocks left (out of 57) to make and then maybe think of getting that one together..

So that's the update for today....we are really getting into warmer days here in San Diego - for me...that is a "good thing"

Enjoy your "hump day" and keep a happy thought!

Remember - SMILE always...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Busy, busy....

Just  wonder where I found the time to get it all done when I was working full time....

I had a post in mind to tell you about switching my sewing "nest" with our guest room but it never got posted! We spend the entire Memorial Day week-end getting it accomplished. Each time I went to take a picture to post I decided I would get a better shot later.... oops I never took one picture of the process!!!!!
I will eventually share the switch in completion photos - it was a great success!!!

Things have been so busy at the Loft.  The gals returned from market with tons of new ideas and new projects for the coming year.
The entire team was given a sample item to make.  Then last week we had a "Market Party" to share with our quilting friends all the goodies...

Here are a few samples of one of the projects I absolutely LOVE!!!!

These new blocks are from a new "Block of the Week" - we will be starting in July. 
It is called "Life is Beautiful" by Hugs and Kisses...

Each saying is so precious and there are many on this quilt. Head on over the the Loft  BLOG to see the entire quilt.  We have so many that are so ready to get started on this one :) While you are there take a look at some of our other great new things.

We don't have long to wait now until our little munchkins arrive for "good" (or at least until dad sees where he goes next - Navy officer). We are so excited!! 

Big brother - Cooper

Little sister - Emma

Off now to get a few more things done....working hard on a few projects for the Loft and then the afternoon working on my Jo Morton quilt! 

Have a great day and happy sewing! 

Remember - SMILE always...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day to all my Blog friends!

What a great way to start a day....beautiful flowers from a great friend, a Mimosa with my honey and looking forward to Skyping with our Munchkins!!
Hope each mommy out there has a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

One down....

56 more to go :)

My days have been so busy with home "things", work and prepping for classes that I just haven't done something just for me in a while.  Unless you count visiting Pinterest! Time does get away from me                                                                 with that fun thing...
So today I decided to start a project that I can work on when I have a little spare time.  Just something  I really liked and I was sure I wanted to see it completed.
This little quilt does just that for me!

I fell in love with this Jo Morton quilt back in February and I knew I had to make it!
The blocks are 4 1/2"  and yes, there are 57 of them.

I wanted to make at least one square and one setting triangle to be sure it was what I wanted to do.
SUCCESS -- blocks are just perfect and a little wiggle room included to cut down to exact size. 
By the way - I need 28 setting triangles :)
I purchases the sashing fabric as soon as I saw the quilt.  I won't do all Jo Morton fabric but several from my stash. Scrappy is my way - so only time will tell what my end selection will be!

This was my goal today - get started with one square and one triangle.  I am now going to get ready for my class tomorrow, cook dinner, bake and hopefully be back to do a little cutting later....

Hope you have done something "just for you" today as well :)

See you soon...
Remember - SMILE always....

Sunday, May 5, 2013

I couldn't resist!

Happy Sunday....

As I posted yesterday, we had so many great new antiques at the Country Loft I just couldn't decide what was to me "mine".  It was like being in a candy store :)
I do not have a primitive style home, I guess you could say rather traditional but I do love adding fun things that I love. Seeing all the goodies today I went from one thing I "needed" to another during my 8 hours.
Well, my husband had dropped me off yesterday and when he arrived to pick me up he agreed - this was the item we needed to bring home!!!
Well, here it is...a beautiful "sawhorse" from long ago :)

We love it and it fits just perfectly in our living room.  Not sure what will ultimately be displayed on it but for now - this works. Maybe it will stay just like it is :)

Better get busy sewing...lots to do  I work Monday and teach Wednesday so time is limited for sewing early this week.

By the way - HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO to everyone!!!!

Have a great week and enjoy your Sunday!

Remember - SMILE always....

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a fun morning!

We haves full day of events here at the Country Loft! We have "Little Women" in the morning, a wool mat class in the afternoon and.......
A shed full of antiques! Take a look!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Learning, teaching and enjoying life!

A bit of this and a bit of that for you :)

As I have mentioned before, I teach and work at the Country Loft.  Our new schedule was presented last week at an Open House. It is always fun to see the projects.  I have a few to teach but now I have several I want to take!!!  A true quilter for sure :)
Cheri Payne is a great teacher of Primitive quilts and her pattern designs are fun and whimsical.  We decided to have a monthly class presenting one of her patterns for those that wanted to do a small project and for those that wanted to be creative and put a different spin on the design. Cheri was happy to hear about our idea and gave us her full support!  I have selected the first two for May and June....

This is for May, the pattern is called "March"
The original pattern is done with machine applique using cotton fabric.  I selected wool for my applique,  partly because we have such a great wool selection a the Loft.

For June I have selected the pattern "A Basketful"
The wool is not stitched down yet (scheduled for today) and then I quilt it!

I have a few other classes to teach but will share those later...

As I said - in my heading - "Learning" and yes I wanted to perfect my applique with small pieces so I could be pleased with what I do (perfection you know).  I use the freezer paper method but have always struggled with small pieces, points etc.A great friend agreed to give me a personal lesson.....thank you Julie  HOWEVER....the day was cut short.  I had never used a Clover applique iron and Julie suggested I give it a try....
The iron....
my two fingers...
Nothing more to say but a lesson was learned...DO NOT place fingers on iron rod for extra pressure :)
All healed but with a  new fingerprint!

Enjoying life....
Emma our little munchkin turned 1 on the 25th, she started walking a week or so earlier and she is on her way....destination - wherever she wants to go!
Cooper (her brother) is not so sure of the walking now that she is after him....:)

I do hope you have a wonderful week-end doing what brings you joy....

Until next time...
Remember - SMILE always....

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


It worked!
Just love smart friends.....

Thanks Colleen

Be back soon!

Teach and learn lunch :)

Patience please....

A dear friend is teaching me to blog from my phone!
Lets see how good of a student I am :)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Flat Ryder came to visit....

Better known as "FLAT STANLEY"....

How many of you have had a visit from Flat Stanley?  Flat Stanley is a school project. Students send Flat Stanley to visit someone in another city.  The guest host takes Flat Stanley around town and then returns him with a wealth of information about the city he visited!!!!!
Our grandson sent him as a twin - thus..... "Flat Ryder"...we had a great time yesterday with Flat is a small bit of our journey!!!
Flat Ryder arrived here in San Diego several days ago....

We went to the you can see Papa got him a good spot at the entrance before we entered.
I must say....many "shout outs" from passersby  about Flat much fun!!!

We also went to Petco Park...another group enjoyed watching us position Flat Ryder...haha...

All in all "Flat Ryder" had a fine trip in San Diego and he visited so many spots here in our great city...we send him back to Iowa with stories to tell!!!!!
Please share with me if you have had a visit from Flat Ryder" aka...Flat Stanley!

Now, once home....we took some time to enjoy making homemade pizza together....
Always a fun evening!!!

So, enjoy your Sunday before we start a new week....please share if you have had a visit from Flat Stanley...we found many here this week-end that have had the experience....

Until next time....
Remember - SMILE always...