Thursday, January 10, 2013

Enjoying my challenge....

It is raining and cold here in San Diego today..  I know many of you are now in the depths of winter and no "so sorry" feelings for us here in San Diego - - I understand....but for us a day of rain, wind and 50 degrees is winter!!

I think I told you I was working on prep for a class in late January...I have so enjoyed the fact I have met my own little challenge...
Small pieces that connect like a puzzle have never been a true success for me - but this time!!!!!  Yahoo...I am enjoying the rewards of taking my time and adding a few new steps...

These are 7" squares (finished) and as you can see I am using scraps.  I need 25 for the quilt and 9 singles.  I'm well on my way - all 25 cut and thinking about the singles but haven't started them yet. The class is the 25th and I can't wait....
#1 challenge - use starch on all fabric before cutting ---- I bet most of you do this but I really never committed to do this step. All I can say is I am now a believer and will keep a gallon of Best Press in my sewing room. I just love it....this one has no smell but some just smell so fresh!
I've read of many different starches you can use but I really like this....let me know if you have a better suggestion :)

  #2 - new product -- this is a little square (from Jo Morton) that I just love "BLOC LOC...I have read many reviews - some positive but not all are. most common comment- it's expensive and just OK.  For me!!!!!  A keeper...It locks on the seam so I don't have any "slips" with my cutter when I trim.  This one is
1 1/2" but they come in many sizes.

#3 - I love keeping a box of Snack storage bags in my room. It's just a "good thing".... These are ready to sew.  All pieces cut to size.

Traditional Tuscan Minestrone Soup
....So now I'm going down and making a big pot of soup for dinner...If you follow Pinterest they have great soups!!! This one is... "Tuscan Minestrone Soup"

Work tomorrow at the Country Loft...Saturday we have our Open House to share our new classes, BOM and kits...Stop by or check us out on line...Country Loft. Two beautiful BOM's for you.  We do many via mail so take a peek!

Hope you are enjoying your New Year and you are learning something new - if not just have fun and don't worry about anything!

Remember - SMILE always...


  1. I had decided to use starch on my fabric too before cutting as it seemed that my blocks would always be just that little tad off after the blocks were sewn together. Then I read a post in December from Lisa at Primitive Gatherings and she swears by Sizing! I've not tried either yet, but wonder if you have tried Sizing and have decided to go with starch? Obviously, I don't have a clue about either LOL!!!

  2. Jayne,

    What class are you taking?