Friday, January 25, 2013

First of the year tomorrow....

Happy Friday everyone!

It has been raining ALL DAY here in San Diego.  Everyone here loves a day like this. We get them so seldom....  It was the perfect day to stay in my room and just sew prep work for my class tomorrow!

This is called "Bear Paw" taught by Catherine Hughes.  She is a great quilter here in So Cal and I try to take all the classes she offers at the Country Loft.
Our prep work for the class was to make the Bear Paw blocks.  I have several done as well as a few of the single ones for the outside edge. I look forward to the class tomorrow.  Catherine always stretches my skills and that I really enjoy.
The class is with so many great friends...I love taking classes when we not only do something new but we enjoy the laughter and the time together....I will take a few pictures tomorrow to share...
Small pieces seem to be in my 2013 picture :). If you recall I mentioned the value of starch in a previous post...this is where it matters!!!!

I have a new blog I am following and want to share it with you so you can also enjoy also!  Cindy Sew Cindy is a great gal and  does some fun things.  I love connecting with new bloggers :) It is fun to make new friends in so many different places....check her out!  You will enjoy!

Need to go get my "stuff" together for class....have a fun Saturday whereever you are. I do hope you have sunshine, laughter and good times!

Remember - SMILE always...


  1. Thank you for the kind words, Jayne. YOU have already taught me so much and I'm truly thankful. I did a couple "trial" runs last night with "blog this" from Picasa and then deleted the posts and it all was so fast and easy!! I will recommend this on Sew Cindy in my next post. I cannot thank you enough.

    How far do you have to drive to your class? Sounds like fun - both in the learning and with the fellow students!

    We used to live in Palm Desert, CA and have been to San Diego NUMEROUS times! LOVE that area.

  2. Cindy sent me over!!! she is a great gal and I did miss her when she wasn't blogging there for awhile--
    I read alot of your posts and enjoyed them and your photos--be sure to hang in there--blog friends will find you and follow--
    hugs, di and miss gracie