Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's January......

Happy New Year to all....

I do hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.  We did the traditional thing for us and stayed home.  By New Year's I am so ready for some down time.......boooooooring I know!!!!!!!

I DO NOT make resolutions each year but I am starting to take a look back and see what I would like to do differently in the next year.  For me the word is BALANCE.....My better half has an expression that we all understand in our family....
If you think about it, we all do it all the time....just not my family :)

Not the time to bore you with all I put in my sack last year but  I will tell you it got the best of me more often than not.  I certainly enjoyed what I did but I did to much!  End of story.

I want to balance my world and enjoy more of what I do and not do more than I have the time to enjoy -

So where do I begin????  
 This is where I am going to start ....I have posted a few projects I need to finish and a few I want to make.  This is also a reminder each time I walk in or out of my sewing room about my 5 pound sack :)
Note in RED the title of a book. - I want to read more this year to rest my little brain from "thought created turmoil". Title - Language of Flowers and yes...I have started it already!

Don't get me wrong - I had a great year last year but I know I can create a little calmer world to put myself in each day if I try.
I will soon show you my progress on a quilt I am doing starting in late January. We have been asked to get some prep work done and I am doing just that! I also have a great tool I am using and I will share that as well....
But for's my honeys birthday and I am going to go start a wonderful dinner for him :)

Hope your first few days of 2013 have been peaceful and full of sunshine...Something great about starting it!!!!

Talk to you soon....until then...

Remember - SMILES always...

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