Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Staying on track....

Happy Wednesday to all of you!  Hope you are doing fun things or at least productive things or doing just what you want!!!.  :)
So far this week I have worked, finished a book and started a small project on my "to-do" list for 2013. I also had the fun of having Lisa Bongean (from Primitive Gatherings) visit our Loft on Monday.  She is in SoCal doing some classes in the area and stopped by to visit several of the local quilt shops.  She is so friendly and loved our little shop!

On my list for 2013 was a project that I had cut but then just put away.  I wanted to get it finished because it was small, fun and used scraps!  A good thing for sure.
The project was a "Mystery Quilt" dinner class that we had last year at the Loft..  A good friend - Colleen - taught the class.  I didn't attend but I got the pattern. Most of the gals took home the completed top and that was done in an evening but it was so cute....It is just so much fun to see all the fabrics people select.

This picture is so shows very little excitement but trust me - it is fun.  I used homespun plaids and checks along with shirting fabrics. Not sure what I will use for sashing but I will show you soon.
I have two more blocks to do and then sash them together :)
It is sometimes a challenge to use what we have - do you really believe me???? but I wanted to use what I had and not buy one piece of fabric - think I can do it!

I also selected a new book.  My selections are from the TGT Club Pick list.  They select books that associates have read and give a thumbs up.  So far, the first one was awesome.  We will soon see with #2
I selected - "Outside the Lines" by Amy Hatvany.  I will keep you posted on this as well..

Now...I am heading back to the sewing room and finish the two blocks I have left and then check my stash for sashing borders etc!

Have a wonderful day and I do hope you have sunshine where you are...

Remember - SMILE  always...

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  1. I just love the fabrics you have chosen, Jayne (love homespuns). I look forward to seeing how the sashing brings it all together.