Friday, February 1, 2013

Eight years ago...

It's Friday...and its Super Bowl week-end!!!!!  Not much better than this :)

Eight years ago in anticipation of our first grandson I made him a quilt.  I didn't do a baby quilt, instead I used lots of reds and made it large enough for a twin bed  When it was complete I had so much fabric left that I just started to make 4 patches with alternating muslin squares.  I liked it because it was so simple.  I then added to it with other scraps I had until it was large enough to use on our Cal King bed....I think about 98 x 110.
and then......I put it in a box and left it there for 8 years.  Life was very busy during those eight years, with working full time and all that goes with that and just never taking the time to quilt anything.
I would run across it every now and then and think - "how nice it would be to have that on our bed" but that was only a thought and life went on....

Then....a few years ago I was home all the time and really got back into what I love doing - QUILTING....
During this past year or so I created some great friendships at our quilt shop and one of the gals has a longarm....and I finally got a backing together and gave it to Colleen to quilt.

Here it is..... :)
It's very large and very heavy so being alone this was the best shots I could get :)

I love it and once it has a binding on it and is washed I will put it on our bed and take a great picture....
Look at the quilting - Colleen does excellent work and this is just what I like - nothing real fancy but warm and homey :)
Thank Colleen....
This quilt is special to takes me on a journey of memories from when it started to now.  Along the way much has happened and people have come in and out of my life... but it represents  all  that is good.  That's what quilting is all about!!!!  for me anyway :)
Hope you all enjoy your Super Bowl party where ever you go!  We are cheering with family and eating tons of good food!!!
Enjoy and have fun!
Remember - SMILE always...


  1. Love the things that bring us memories - from quilts to old photos.
    And, I love making new memories to cherish.

    Football? Ah yes, I "do" football. Ah yes, I "do' football food too. LOL

    Happy Superbowl!!